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Saga of joy ethereal
In my own anticipation
Transcendental manifestation
Humanely celestial
Bewitchingly pulchritudinous!

Aura always so effervescent 
Elegance speaks praise
The world is yours in so many ways
Richly benevolent 
Bewitchingly pulchritudinous!

Disenfranchised; it's emancipation actually 
Your ebullience touch the new high
That glimpse, a consolation, and a deep sigh.

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Unkept Promise

I had promised myself

No running after the elf

However, twist of circumstances

We may have our share of differences

The heart pumped the emotions

And the mind couldn’t refute…

Even though we stood separated by distances.


There was a tussle between me and me

Me – the myself within, and the face outside – me.

We had arguments since the promise looked mock

By our pr...

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attractionfascinationgirl crush

Dear Goddess, Mercy!

Blue thy name blue thou cosmos

Guide you’ve been, how shall I be?

Locked in solitude I miss thee

Self introspection and I see

The laughing element inside me.

Dear Goddess, Mercy!

Bless me divinity and everything fancy.

Dear Goddess, Mercy!


The Eden is full of flowers yellow and red

The trees bear fruits that God had said

Beyond the world some place unknown

I s...

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