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The Uncertain Journey


All along the railed paths from Regents Park to Notting Hill,

we feel the gaze of those long passed whose sightless eyes are on us




Through the Parks of Royal note St James up to Marble Arch,

we tread the lawns as lowly folk and take our pause as Soldiers




Beneath broad streets unpaved of gold from Camden Town to Bethnal Green,

we transi...

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Thank you


These dunes have been draped with flesh,

some on summer days surrendering to lovers

some under the gun by blood brothers.

The days between then and now are in the sand,

each footprint, each drop of joy and blood still here.

Children rush the shoreline chased by foamy waves.

We built monuments and carved men’s names

where beautiful children share happy games.



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Lest we Forget

So I sit alone, cold on a bench, world's away from my comrades, that lie dead in the trench.
These hands that saw violence, these eyes growing dark, this world bathed in silence, a new journey to embark.

We did it for kings, we followed the crown, we rushed from the boats, I saw many drown. 
They pinned a shiny medal, right there on my chest, and I heard the bell toll as we laid them to rest.

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SoliderWarrembemberenceold agesecond world wargratitude


Gracious as her title
God Blessed the earth with this noble warrior by name
Like oxygen to survive she is vital
Unique lady unlike any other
For Jane we are blessed Bright mother
Her heart dances and sings
Fine cut like a diamond
As golden as her rings
This lady is flamboyant as true as her beauty
She oozes style
Eyes sparkling like stars I see her soul in her smile
She cares and loves

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Glass is full

Give the glass another glance. 

Is the glass half full . I ask every day. Was it ever full. Or am I looking askance.

What is the running all about. Days turn to years. The running looks like a stationary dance.

Life says stop running. Appreciate my beauty. Like you used to do once.

Break the shackles. Look at the glass. It was always full. Give yourself one more chance.

For, in life...

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Lockdown silence 

No sirens less police

Less street violence 


Growing Nature clear sky's less pollution

One year later vaccine..Solution 


And we're back again noises are louder

Pubs are open Alcohol white powder 


Fights with knives,battered citizens not just wives 

Schools back ..crowded street

Complaining teachers email repeat 


Back to normal yeah...

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Ptsdpandemic sadnesspandemicgratituderelationshipslove

Praise The Dreamers

Give Praise to the world,
To all those who'd been here before
Who made this world so much more
Than it had been.

For each tiny change, 
If it took years, months or days, 
Was all part of the way
From nothing to everything,

So let's Give Praise to the world,
To all those who'd been here before
And maybe do one thing more
Because we share their dream

To make this world a better pla...

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Our Post people have connected us,
Through toil and love and loss,
Carrier Pigeons, magical storks
Delivering life to waiting Mums
Telegram boys of Shakespeare plays
Connecting lovers lost,
War-winning, code breaking messages
Relics of a past,

Suddenly more important,
Suddenly at all costs,
Suddenly irreplaceable,
Through the middle of this mess
 In the middle of our chaos...

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Shadow Dancing

In the shadow of sleeping Kings, 

soldiers, and poets, 

comes another battlefield day,

man against man, invisible wars,

hell’s fury unleashed among trees. 

Yet, upon the rocky shore,

angels dance and sing,

reminding us there is something more

than misery.

Beauty glints among broken things. 

Hope is on the horizon. 

So on these solemn days, 

let us find something...

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The Healing of Ancient Wounds

She wondered into his place of work

because she thought she was loosing her head

When approached by him she lost herself,

her wits and her heart instead

She found her will to try,

emotions she had lost,

physical urges she thought she had shed

The sight and sound of him,

the insight he shared,

her soul he fed

Cautiously she indulged, 

dependency has only ever bro...

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MY SAVIOUR, MY SAVANT (An ode to my paid weekly "friend")

I lost all control

Crossed the threshold

My tears too excruciating to hold


I prayed earnestly to be released from the pyre

I saw you and I continued to burn 

Only now, I burned also with desire


Curiosity peaked

Fervent interest realized

The voodoo you do, mesmerized 


Divinity revealed?

Oh, what power you weild!

Desperately I yearn to yeild



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appreciationgratitudemental healththerapy

Rush Hour Treat...

Emotional turmoil 

Tranquility sporadic

The future unknown yet frightful

A familiar face in the crowd  

So warm, inviting and sweet...


Everything makes sense again

Hope is reignited 

Fear, is once again

For the time being




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appreciationgloomgratitudehopemental illnessrelationships

Deceit tells us: what they have is better than ours

Deceit tells us: what they have is better than ours

So now we wrestle with discontent

Forever seeking,


Desiring something that was never our own


Blessings become blurred

When seen through the lens of another

Our sight diminishes

With each gaze and long lusting look

That will never be



Scrolling through standards not set in stone


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I won't ever let a sun to set in the horizon: GRATITUDE


the Almighty, 
who didn't let me fly with an evil bird,

the nature, 
to set me an example of sacrifice and care, 

the dad, 
to teach me a lot in no words, 

the mom, 
to make me a reality in the world, 

the teachers,
to shape a pot out of a wet clay dust, 

the blood-bonds, 
to make my any anguish to rest, 

the ...

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Gratitudeon a special day

When i think of you

When I think of you
And all you have done
My heart is full of joy
That it pours out

When I think about where I was
And where I am now
My mouth is full of songs
No man can hold me down

When I think of your love
That liquid love
My eyes are full of tears
A fountain that won’t dry out

When I think of your peace
That garrisons my heart
All my fears fade away
Like a distant memory


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To all you writers and poets out there

To all you writers and poets out there.


Thank you for your words of courage, 

words of truth,

words of encouragement

and nourishment.

Thank you for your solidarity,

for lifting us up.


Thank you for breaking ground,

cutting the edge,

standing on that soapbox 

with daring and drive,

having the nerve to shout out

what many ...

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