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One of the Chosen

Is this thing some punishment

Or are we being softened up?

Is Dominic Cummings an alien,

Are punters getting sold a pup?


More rumours of mutation rumble

As if we didn't have enough fears,

Seems the virus fancies a change,

Securing access through our ears


Sounds bizarre, but a while ago

I met a nice woman out walking

She was so sorry her dog bit me

And bef...

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Piggy Puppy

entry picture

Soft and warm like little pigs,

Belly warm and milky,

Tiny paws soft as velvet,

Wine gum nose

And beans for toes. 

Caterpillar tails with a tiny twist,

Thrashing and dashing,

Wriggling and dancing. 

Breath like popcorn,

Buttered and spiced. 

Little murmurs, squeaks and purrs,

Scratches, snuggles baby cuddles. 

Tiny needles line soft lips,

Claws like diamonds


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entry picture



Look deep in her eyes,

you will see

The deepest of love,

There can ever be. 

She is loyal and sweet

Loves every treat. 

She loves to play,

Will even sit and stay.

Before she came I lost all purpose,

She gives me strength,

She gives me purpose,

She is my friend,

We are a special blend. 

Taking away loneliness,

Cuddled up for coziness.

She pr...

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assistance dogDogfaithful

Dog and insect

.                                            Original Japanese Basho Haiku.   The Creator of Haiku.


.                                                         Dog running

.                                                      Insect swoops close

                                                              Jaws snap


Original Haiku  was pictographs, not words.  Weatern  Transla...

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One man and his dog.

entry picture

There is a musky smell, warm and welcoming, like the smell of damp dog. The hoof prints leave a breadcrumb trail to see where the wandering goats have hidden. Tiny cloven feet, so dainty they grip on to steep slopes, trip trap along the rocky mountain side.


He stands watching them through his steamy spectacles.  The ferocious biting wind sears his aged skin, his wiry black beard protects m...

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My Old Dog

entry picture

She is 17 years old,

How many dog years is that?

She is grey around the muzzle.

Very little body fat.

Chicken carcass fills her skin,

So fragile and so weak.

Blind blue opaque eye,

Her temperament so meek. 

She sleeps stretched out,

Small brittle arthritic bone.

She twitches as she sleeps,

Time left now is life on loan.

She sleeps so soundly,

this warm summer...

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entry picture

Running thru the grass

was a blast!

til my paw

got stuck in the mud

down I go 

with a broken toe

now here I lie

with a cast...


By Lynn Hahn

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dogpoem. funny

Becks Poem (Mistaken Identity)

I wrote this for my now fiance not long after we first started seeing each other after her love for cats (and her tongue in cheek insistance she was one) inspired me to start writing again, after maybe 5 years of not picking up a pen.  I recently proposed to her through a series of short poems taking us on a treasure hunt around Edinburgh looking for J K Rowling inspired landmarks, but that's anot...

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Paws and snouts and whiskers and drool

And muscle and fur and eyes so sharp, kind and cruel

And light and strong and high in their jump

And eager and always hungry and always looking for more

And sleek and shiny and fast and then still

And smelling and sniffing and pushing and tearing


Playful and wanting and watching and rolling

And laying and nestling and warm and smelly


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What’s a’foot, or perhaps, a’paw?
The doggy population just continues to grow.
One, two, three four legged ‘friends’, stretchy leads a’tangle.
Dogless people do beware, those sniffing noses approach, at the right angle.
Leaping up to a gent, aiming straight at the lap
For ladies wearing mini’s they don’t need a map

It all adds to humankind’s woes
Who’s in charge?  When we see that al...

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Our Peanut Puppy

entry picture















Silly little Puppy,

silly little Dog.

She's hyperactive,

she's an attention hog.


I love her

to pieces,

with her I

love to play.

But sometimes I

wish she'd just

go away.


For just a

few minutes,

to give me

 a rest.


Cause sometimes

my  patience,

she does test.



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