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What’s a’foot, or perhaps, a’paw?
The doggy population just continues to grow.
One, two, three four legged ‘friends’, stretchy leads a’tangle.
Dogless people do beware, those sniffing noses approach, at the right angle.
Leaping up to a gent, aiming straight at the lap
For ladies wearing mini’s they don’t need a map

It all adds to humankind’s woes
Who’s in charge?  When we see that almost anything goes
Canine leads stretched so long and tight 
Obviously the, ‘pet’, does not wish to be in sight,
Or, associated with ‘owners’ who thought they had the strength
To exercise control over the lead’s length

This means, innocent pedestrians pay the toll
for those doggy lovers totally out of control.
Who have failed to have their doggies taught
the basic rules of ‘heel, sit, stay’, or simply do naught.
Woman next door, rued the day when she found her sheets in the dirt.
Her clothes line.  Gone.  Used to extend the lead of a dog too alert

So we face a canine takeover
No matter if it’s ‘Sheba’ or ‘Rover’
Male and female owners.  Of all ages
treat their tail waggers as though they earn wages. 
As though they are offspring and will understand,
Owners together, against all others they’ll band.

At the beach, a ball is thrown. Bright eyes look up
But dogsbody does not move, instead, performs a droop. 
‘Fetch’ is the command but to no avail.
No matter how much the owner’s voice does wail
Doggy knows that daddy or mummy, that human wretch
With an embarrassed laugh, a look about.  Will go and fetch

Dog, on the beach, tossed a stone
into the sea, a goodly distance, far thrown.
At least three heaving waves away, sea is rough 
Doggy splashes in and looks bemused, it’s had enough
Looks back, then wisely turns for shore
A swift front crawl, paw over paw.

Go, fetch, never mind, c’mon dog, don’t let me down.
The demented owner screams, face so red, and a severe frown.
Trotting back, doggie’s mind is quite confused
In the park he always fetches what has been thrown
Yet here he returns without the stone
Still enjoys fulsome praise, and pats on his soaking fur
Thinks, never again will I fetch for him, or for her.





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jack purvis

Sun 15th Mar 2015 21:16

We should all be worried. The animals are taking over. Like 'THE BIRDS'?

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 15th Mar 2015 20:22

I agree with you about this.

(have you noticed how the tone of the animal rescue
things is getting more and more humanly pitying?)

I`m getting worried.

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