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The Age Of Gold

Yet with the woes of sin and strife

Our World has suffered long

Beneath the Angel-strain have rolled

Two thousand years of wrong:

And man, at war with man, hears not

The love-song, which they bring

Oh! Hush the noise, ye men of strife

And hear the Angels sing!

For Lo! The days are hastening on 

By prophet-bards foretold

When with the ever-circling years

Comes round...

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AngelLOVE SONGPosinstrifewar

The Template of my Being

Been there

Done it

Eaten it

Drunk it

Almost drowned in it

Nearly died


Praised it

Cursed it

Dodged it

Traversed it

Just you name it

I’ll have tried


Smoked it

Snorted it

Been traumatised by it

Reduced to tears by it

Laughed and cried


Run it

Walked it

Chased it

Caught it

Wished I hadn’t bothered s...

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The Cocoon

The curtains a cocoon

which I have outgrown

crushing me

though I dare not venture out

my wings maimed

by an internal eternity.


Some days they open

as the sunlight shines

and snow falls

yet it remains a parallel world

a door to an unfamiliar universe

remains locked.


Even inside plates pile up

like a porcelain possum

they pl...

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Luimneach 23/12/11

entry picture

It is clear that when push comes to shove,

The solution to strife's not above:

It's right here on Earth,

With each precious child's birth;

That the only way forward's with

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