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A Mess of Future Heathens

Seeing the shadow in vision
Getting feared of what the great poison
Hiding out back to the scratch
Tired of being what they're interpreted 
To be looked up in the sun
To be puked in deep water run
To be lost in relief distance
I was fight, 
But no lights were made
So where is is heading through wind? 
Passing it off to be betrayed and seen
That soak tree's been relied on
As this volt i...

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Mystery of that Pink Bra

Since the age of ten,

When I saw it for the first time...

I kept thinking, and wondering what it was!

By the time I grew in age,

It had turned an attractive rage.

I can never forget the mystery of that Pink Bra.


The elixer wasn't visble though,

But the cups had consumed them...

Draped in a an elegance the color pink.

I was so moved and curiously drawn

I visited s...

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Brayoung girl


When we are fast asleep...
In the world of dreams deep,
Do you descend on earth?
To see what kind of dreams we peep.

You don't seem to be an alien but
We often keep our brains shut.
With such a beautiful mind,
O Moon.Girl! That's a feeling from my gut.

We are mere idols of sand and dust
Without compassion but filled with greed n lust
The ripples run through our conscience

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moonyoung girlfairy


Take me back to the feeling when little hope was left 

caught up in this evil mist that takes control

 innocence lost like sand that slips through my fingers 

is it ever coming back again?  

carried away like waves

moments of wonder 

is it ever coming back again? 

take me back to the feeling when....



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at age 15innocence lostyoung girl

The Lost Girl

A lost soul 

not so bright 

never done wrong

but not always right


Lost in the woods

in her dazzling mood

going against the world

she thought she could


I heard she was sad 

maybe she lost her dad

in early age 

she got trapped in a cage


Society used to tell her 

what she had to be 

but she never believed 

and went after her dreams



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Girlyoung girllostworldsoulsearchingbeachbutterfly


The girl begins to unfold like a snake

unfurling itself from it's resting place. 

The arch of her foot, the ringlety hair,

the smooth skin that's yet to be shed.

She emits her stellar energies now.

Her unconscious is blissfully sleeping. 

Then they start to tout, with their sales.

Girls on the front of magazines, exposed.

The innocents look on in suspicion.

Is this what ...

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beautyfeminineyoung girl

That Girl




She’s a kind of a paradox, that girl

Its not that I even like her at all

I just love her, that’s all


She’s a strange one, that girl

I mean, I’m not sure if she even likes me at all

I just love her, that’s all


She’s a young one, that girl

Much younger than me and tall

And I don’t even like girls that tall

I just love her, that’s a...

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lovegirlyoung girl

Who is this Woman in the Mirror














Who is this woman in

the mirror?

When did her hair start

to turn grey?

What happened to the

young girl who used to

laugh and play?


Who is this woman in

the mirror?

When did these

wrinkles appear?

What happened to the

young girl whose parents

used to call "Dear"...

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young girlmirrorage

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