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Days That Have No Anchor

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Though we have explored
all there is to travel
I still turn to you in awe
Those wondrous eyes
still cause my blood to race
On cruel and foggy days
all jagged nerves
and withered spirit
you lose your gravity
drifting again
on days that have no anchor

And if I must, I’ll do it tenderly
hold you through the waves
of heaving sobs
clutch your trembling hand
and we’ll fathom
the house of mirrors
that is your mind
On the worst of days
I’ll wait, patiently
I will be the weight
on days that have no anchor

It’s a storm, that’s all
It’s real and it’s here
but so am I
we’ll navigate these straits
we’ll let those hates abate
we’ll see the sun again, I swear
Through the sweats
and fickle sadnesses
cling to me, my love
I’m right here, hold tight
on days that have no anchor

O, there’s land




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Fri 15th Dec 2023 15:38

Hi Manish, thanks for your comment. You're absolutely right, a strong marriage needs to be able to overcome those obstacles.

This one was inspired by a depressing conversation I overheard earlier this year between some men moaning about their wives who were struggling with the menopause. I wanted to write something to express a more supportive and compassionate way for a marriage to work.

Thanks also to Frederick, Graham, John, Stephen and Holden for the likes 😃

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Manish Singh Rajput

Thu 14th Dec 2023 13:17

An argument with your partner can sometimes take a really bad turn and get ugly. But one always lets go off the ego and the debate and settles to be the wrong one, and that's how it really works I guess, cause that's how I've seen my parents do it all these years.
Thank you for this poem, Tom. These four lines really touched my heart,
"On the worst of days
I’ll wait, patiently
I will be the weight
on days that have no anchor"

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