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Pure Water

A life sustained by water pure,

yet marred by memory of the wine.

Like fragrant waft of soft allure

diminished not by hands of time.


Forever clear the water streams,

yet never ends the draw to wine.

Forever helpless so all seems

to purge the memory from my mind.


Though water's healing - ever constant,

soft and clean and unaware

how often it hath quenched my ...

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puritytrue love

For The One

Love is a game, a journey of sorts,

a search for the one who is right.


And of all the seekers, just what do they know,

are not all just travelers at night?


For it seems in darkness they search hill and dale,

hoping to find their true love.


Awash in the masses, a literal throng,

mixed in amongst push and shove.


And so, as you seek for to find it y...

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lovetrue lovepure lovesoul mates

Long Distance Relationship

Just the first two words let you know about all the restrictions that you gonna have in the last word of this phrase. "Long Distance" because of which the only point of interaction you can have on a daily basis is via messages, calls, or video calls. This means meeting your partner in person is a very special occasion as it occurs after quite a long period of time, and much more things.

But how did...

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long distance lovelong distance relationshiploveloyaltytrue love


I can hear the traffic in the distance 

And some far away clock 

Swoosh goes the early cars out to work 

Phone vibrations drown out tick tock tick tock 


He is not here with me ..the sofa feels 

Spacious and empty 

Oh does his hard labour resent me 

He would rather be laid here with me 

I'd rather he stayed here with me 


His face lights up when he sees me


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True lovesoulmateslove poemlovers poemsmarriage poems

I am the Painter

Ujjal Mandal, India

I paint the reality
With the color of dream;
Oh dear, you are my dream and
I am the painter of us!

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Lovetrue love


We survived all weather's all seasons each year
We are combined forces so bright we eliminate fear
I keep you near you keep me near
The reunion of souls so overwhelming so precious blinding ..piercing familiar brand new
My soul stopped searching and connected to you
Perfect fit the key turned so effortlessly
Locked tight combination code 11.11
Mixed eras one soul in sync transformatio...

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Stormtwin flame11.11soulmatestrue love

True Love

Beauty is something that I thought I knew until my eyes took yours in

Tenderness was just a thought until I felt your touch

I never knew how it felt to be complete until I held you in my arms

True love was just a wish until God brought you into my life


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true lovefirst lovelovelove poetrylove poems

I am Strong!?

I thought so...

So did he...

He tried to...

To make me strong...

Strong to see him...

Him becoming someone else's...

Someone else's life partner...

Partner who is mine forever...

Forever became a myth...

Myth that I am Strong!?

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love for himloverstrue love

Digital Disappointments

On hearing that Online Dating is now the most popular way for U.S couples to meet.....


True love has been 


Romance is Now


Your chance lasts


There's someone else

To click on

And as you plan

To meet

They've already

Hit delete

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Poetry jokestrue love

To be Loved by You

What do you see

When your eyes land on me

What do you fear

When I am near

What is written on the wall

That's guarding you from all

I long to give to you


Do you know

Do you really know

That I would never let you go

Do you understand

I only wish to be with you

In the end


When I look at you

It's like the whole world is new

A better place for all


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She was the epicentre of his universe

as he was of hers

they were born to be one

their hearts beat in unison

they lived only for each other


Due to their condition

marriage was deemed inappropriate

they loved each other unconditionally

but never on a physical level

they knew not of such things


They were eventually united in death

only days apart


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True loveEternalFaith

love is not

love is not 


love is not possession

love is not obsession

nor is it dissolution

of the self except in fleeting

moments of passion


love is not fixing

love is not needy 

love is not forcing

unwanted gifts

nor demanding reciprocity 


love is not being half

nor dependency

love is no debt 

nor a prison of

all consuming exclusivity


love ...

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Meant for Me

When everything is so bleak and dark
I dream of the day we will never have to part
You're my everything and my heart
I knew you were meant  for me from the start

I know your intentions are true
Because you feel the way I do you
Your eyes so honest and so blue
Loving me in all the ways I need you to

As time goes on I find myself mending
Because no longer am I alone fending
Against thi...

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lovereal loveromantic poetrysoulmateTrue loveunconditional love

True Love never dies

Sometimes situations cause us to part
But none of that matter's if true is your heart 
No amount of distance can tear you apart
Whenever you next meet, again it will start
But one fortunate day you'll find one another once more
You'll welcome them in and they'll never make you sore
Because the love you both share is one most could only adore 
You cherish one another, to  one another's core.


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lovelove doesnt dieromanceromanticromantic distance loveTrue loveunconditional love

She Died And I Died To

{She Died And I Died To}



She was a beautiful 
woman that I got
attached to very
quickly because she 
would write little 
poems that was like 
a visionary fairytale 
of what life could be
for me and her


But then my beautiful 
beauty got really bad 
sick as the day's 
passed into the 
darkest hours of the 
nights my heart was 
breaking into to see
her like this ...

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deathfictionfictional characterfictional piecelifelivingloveOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetrysicknessstoriesthinking out loudTina Glovertrue lovewordy queenwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories


In third grade we were just amorphous blobs,
  by fifth grade, we'd been sorted.
Princes, princesses, also-rans,
  and of course, the unrewarded.

I was the budding knight,
  and you the fragile flower.
Funny how I didn't notice then
  the missing petals in the dower.

It came as a suprise to me,
  that the sorting never stops
You'll think you've won
  the fight is done
And then the ...

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true love

Her, Love

I’m here to tell you
that she is

My Jamia
My Adrienne
My Lyn-Z

My Sally
My Morticia
My April
My Pam

My stars in the cold black night
My punk rock Queen

She’s a rebel
She’s a riot
She’s a muse

And I’ll always wear her heart proudly on my sleeve
her love is my energy
her love is my gasoline

and we’re burning bright.

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love poempunk poetryromancelove poetrypunk poempunkromantic poetrytrue love


Through the darkness of my life I walked a road which led me to you and I knew from the very first moment that you and I would be inseparable,.we exchanged glances across a crowded room, and in that instant I saw paradise, in your eyes I saw all the magic in the world, and I fell hopelessly in love.

I sat perplexed for a moment, pondering on whether I could find the courage deep within to appro...

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LoveTrue LoveAnthony R M Andrews


As I stepped in to my dress today

You told me I was beautiful

For the first time in my life

I believed it.


I love you, my son.

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true love

Love Vines


Fondness cultivated blooms into a stronger vine,

that winds around until we call it true love for all time…


Take small beginnings and nurture those with care,

only then will you encourage the shoots of love to bear,

that weight life brings for us to manage through the years,

with the strength of our love vines which we water with tears…


There are few fa...

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Lovetrue love





I sense that you are near me,

close enough to touch, right now.

In my mind.

No one else can see you next to me

but I do. As we are now,

we once were in reality

at some time in our history.

Your spirit never leaves me

and your ghost forever haunts me,

your love is my saviour intertwining

me in your spiders web of hearsay.


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lost lovejoin together no matter whatsuicudedeath before their timefinally togethertrue love

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