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love is not

love is not 


love is not possession

love is not obsession

nor is it dissolution

of the self except in fleeting

moments of passion


love is not fixing

love is not needy 

love is not forcing

unwanted gifts

nor demanding reciprocity 


love is not being half

nor dependency

love is no debt 

nor a prison of

all consuming exclusivity


love is not prostration 

not hero worship

love is not idle flattery

love is not expectation 

nor promises that are fantasy


love is not helpless

nor is it blind 

love is not the feeling

without the work

love is not losing your mind 


if you think that’s what love is

then I do not love you


©️janey colbourne 2018


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Janey Colbourne

Sun 14th Oct 2018 12:55

Shanice thank you, that is courageous of you

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Janey Colbourne

Sun 14th Oct 2018 12:54

Raypool thank you yes I think you’re right on all counts there. There is a little twist in the last line there. It has a double meaning. I’m saying both that if someone treats me like that I do not love them for it, but also that when I love someone, that is not how I treat them. Therefore if those are their definitions of love, then by their definition I don’t love them, because my idea of loving someone is different to that. So maybe, by my definition of love, I do love them in fact. Does that make sense?

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Janey Colbourne

Sat 13th Oct 2018 14:57

Thank you everyone.

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Shanice Matos

Wed 3rd Oct 2018 04:24

I love your message here. A lot of people could learn from these words, including myself.

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Tue 2nd Oct 2018 23:06

The person you do not love obviously has a lot to learn about relationships Janey - I hope he may discover what love is. There must be a reverse side of this poem about that remedy.


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Janey Colbourne

Tue 2nd Oct 2018 19:38

Thank you very much Jemima

Jemima Jones

Tue 2nd Oct 2018 15:53

very accurate lines indeed Janey and very much enjoyed. Thank you. Jemima.

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