Ruby Red

I breathe in, filling up my lungs with the cold, cold winter air. Hair the colour of ruby floating in the wind, the tears dripping down my face until they too float away. A piece of concrete crumbles away and falls, until I can no longer see it, swallowed up by the shadows, which  have come a bit too close for comfort now. Threatening to swallow me too.

Instead I angle my face to the sun. So un...

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a girlidentityplantsstory


These are other people’s stories you lose yourself in to escape, to live another life, to become someone different..Yet you don’t see how beautiful the one you are in is.

Breathing incense and admiring the little pot of sunshine unselfconsiously lost in your head. I see you wrapping Christmas presents and drinking tea, full of laughter and happiness. Don’t forget where you are and where you hav...

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All humans exclude vibrations. We are all atoms. Sometimes our vibrations sing in harmony with another and its beautiful. Other times they meet and repel. Those individuals who may not agree with you still deserve our compassion and love. Create a higher vibration, until all things are met equal. Flowers bloom in your presence. The ocean calls your name and greets you like an old friend. No longer...

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Home is in a lot of places

In a the bottom of a coffee cup, inhaling and looking up to see your friends beautiful smile because you made a funny face.

In a national park breathing the crisp air, the utter contentment of being in a place that is only yourself and the earth, with a thousand days before and after you.

Dancing in the waves, the ocean so a part of your life that your very vein...

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homemomentsthe little things

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