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DR reading "Epona" on Linda Thomas's Book Show - Radio Scilly 17 June 2019

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This is my own edit of an appearance I made on Radio Scilly last month. I've been a frequent visitor to the islands for twenty-five years, and they feature a lot in my work.

Linda Thomas is Scilly's estimable librarian, and it's great to be able to give her this shout-out as she's been a real champion of my work for several years now. The show itself was a blast (although you may not get that f...

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The Artist [1]

In so few splashed acrylic lines

see Cornish fishing boats

take shape against the quay

the red hull and the yellow


See Cornish fishing boats

mirrored in the harbour sea

the red hull and the yellow

with the deep sky sunk below


Mirrored in the harbour sea

the jumble of masts and cranes

with the deep sky sunk below

and the distant sea above


The jumbl...

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There were those moments


against a Cornish rock

                in beach blackness

                with the shush of the rippling waves

                nearby in the night


in a Sussex garden

                with the hot sun

                dappling our backs


on a Ditchling hill

                with town lights

                spread below


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'Yes, I Will Wear One'

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Yes I Will Wear One

(lines written in response the suggestion that

those who are mentally ill should wear

wristbands to identify their conditions)


Yes, I will wear one:
retiring, undefeated,
or at least not admitting it,
as I back away,
hot tears rolling from eyes 
spiked with despair
down cheeks
hollowed by time,
I will wave 
both my arms
in the air, cry:
It's not me...

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Call for Submissions for Murder of Krows 2

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Duncan Yeates and Abigail Wyatt are inviting poets and artists to contribute to their next Murder of Krows* anthology.


The submission guidelines are as follows:
1)    All contributors should be resident in Cornwall.
2)    Poetry of a serious nature is looked on more favourably than comic or light-hearted verse.
3)    Please do not submit any more th...

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Zennor Morning


I find you a mermaid

Rip her fish


We had not dreamt of mythology 

And of the thoughtless   standing chained in  the quicken deep


A ship burns  on the water

Daybreak  still in incident



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