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Am I a burden or a blessing?

Until now I've brought you pain,

nitpicked neurotic neural pathways

produced images of you burdening people

nuked your brain by old beliefs.


The pitter patter of your baby

put like a seal pup on your chest

but I was there for stop her suckling,

I didn't want her to breathe

No-one except me knew you bitch.


After all we've been thr...

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Wish You Well -Mental Health Awareness

How can one love somebody when one can't love themselves.


Love was never anything they ever gotten or actually felt.


No one to ever check on your heart to make sure it was upkept.


From a child you held on to this misery & it crippled your health.


Afraid to talk about to friends & even family & too much pride to get help.


The building up of emptiness, anxiety, pain & s...

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A Game Of Chance

I put my head on the pillow and drift off….


Shiva sweeps aside the remnants of yesterday:

Gains, strivings, losses and ambitions

Clearing the table for tonight’s game

Flanked by greater and lesser angels and demons.


I’m lost in dreams while a silver ball spins against the

roulette wheel of my soul.

Each number an affection, a state of being

randomly selected for t...

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