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Wish You Well -Mental Health Awareness

  • How can one love someone when one can't love themselves.


  • Love was never anything they ever gotten or actually felt.


  • No one to ever check on your heart to make sure it was upkept.


  • From a child you held on to this misery & it crippled your health.


  • Afraid to talk about to family, & even friends, & too much pride to get help.


  • The building up of emptiness, anxiety, pain & stress.


  • Now you feel alone, isolated, weak, & depressed.


  • The pain, the sorrow makes the bones deteriorate & the flesh melt.


  • Sleepless nights, overthinking, mind flooded with bullshit & random mess.


  • Saying & looking alright, but going left.


  • Seeing through your own eyes, but not in control of yourself.


  • Being alive, but feeling death.


  • Mental illness is real be aware; Know thyself & don’t have too much pride to get help.


  • Anybody who tries to convince you otherwise is a devil & their home is hell.


  • Just know there are actually caring people out here who know your struggles & feelings and wish you well. 

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Tionne Johnson

Sun 25th Apr 2021 10:54

Wow that's beautiful. Speaks volumes to me and my mental health struggles. Thank u so much for writing and posting and for caring most importantly. God Bless?

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Mark McCray

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 11:13

My pleasure. And thanks for the feedback.

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J.D. Bardo

Tue 2nd Feb 2021 08:15

Wish you well... I wish to tell, I know that having mental health issues can be hell. thank-you for this poem, I feel it is really swell. J.D.

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