A Confession

A confession


In the moonlit dreamtime as the 

Warblers rest and stars kiss the midnight sky

I want to die


As the sun rises flirting seductively with

The horizon and cotton candy clouds

Tiptoe across the dawn

I want to die


In nameless parties with empty faces 

And monsters growing with every sip of

Poison they ingest 

I want to die


Within warm arms that promise kindness and

Cherishment, and kisses that send shivers

Down my diminutive body 

I want to die


But I don't. 

For you. 


FOOTNOTE: I am fine, please don't be worried about me, this poem is just about the 
dichotomy of mental illness where you can be healthy and medicated and safe but your illness
never goes away completely.

deathdepressionhealthyidealismmental illnessstrength

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Liam Osaneo

Thu 16th Jul 2020 19:45

This is a really brave post. It can´t be easy to share thoughts like this.

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