So Unpredictable


So unpredictable.

So sharp and so cunning

Is the pain that run through me,

Hideous yet so stunning.


I want to keep it here, 

I want to feel it's cold aching

Blood spilling from me

My heart is still breaking


What if I want it to stop?

Please, leave me alone!

It'll be there. Waiting.

For me to decay down to bones. 


Maybe that's what I want to?

To end my selfish life

A thick rope with a noose?

A desperate knife?


I want this to end, 

No more pain, no more tears

I'll soon be at peace.

No more blood, no more fears


I don't want want anyone to miss me

I don't want them to cry

It's only me, why such fuss?

It was my choice to die. 

depressionmanic depressionmental healthmental illnessanxietysadnesspainsuicideself harmdeathlifepastpast eventsmy past experience

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