drowning in brain waves

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born to Cybele on a golden cloud
he appeared in a flash of lightning
carrying Prometheus on his back. 
his footsteps left luminous tracks
a blazing trail of prints 
& ground breaking indents
cementing his path through the sands of time.

when the bearded man spoke or wrote 
his words formed waves
blown by the west wind
& the sleeping dead woke
drinking his poems as an antidote
from a chalice carved by Dionysus.

schooling David in a tower
on the art of playing harp

the king of psalms molded in his palms
& orchestrating Solomon's song
laying the blueprint
for the architect of the temple.

while studying his code
Leonardo caught a sleep phobia
painting Mona and inventing helicopters
on starry nights in the arms of insomnia...

herding sheep to greener pastures
& leading beaten horses to deeper waters
apples fell from the tree of life
in the garden of creation
  rolling under the boots of Faust
sparking electric currents into motion
infecting eccentric minds
with radioactive symphonies of isolation.

touched with fire
dancing with the stars
martyr to the slaughter
born with scars

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 20th Feb 2023 08:26

I admire the breadth and ambition of this, Rob. A fantastic read.

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