Hatred Junkie

Fake nostalgia spews out from your head

For a sepia England that was never there

Hatred junkie, you know

Where the blood river flows

Feel the bile at your knees


Marching bands drown out your higher brain

Blaring voices drive your soul insane

Hatred junkie, you feel

Like a cog on a wheel

Grinding so out of time – after time


God made you useless

Life made you mean

Now every cell inside you is obscene

Hear their pitiful screams


Tunnel vision keeps your mind on edge

Like a hangover that never ends

Hatred Junkie you dream

Of a monotone screen

For humanity’s film


Moral fervour fills your waking days

Porn films keep your night-times entertained

Hatred Junkie your words

Are hypocritical turds

In the dustbin of being


Cursed by your demons

Prejudice always reigns

Victimhood runs smoothly through your hard-pressed veins

Day after witless day


A Littlejohn of what you fancy’s nice

A hint of Bushell keeps you ticking right

Hatred Junkie you see

What only you want to see

Keeps your blinkers real nice



But deep inside your twisted DNA

There must be some buried saving grace

Hatred Junkie just try

Avenues of surprise

See a world you’ve denied

Yes, Hatred Junkie just try

There’s an ocean of life

Floating outside your mind

BNPBushellEDLLittlejohn. BNPEnglandnostalgiasepiaEnoch Powellbloodhatredpityhangoverhypocrisyhypocriteswordsprejudiceocean

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