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Young Tommy didn’t get irony, cross,

he set off with the boneheads and boots

to guard statues of old Winston Churchill.

Signalling intent with their Nazi salutes.

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Mr Robinson

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No time for you, Mr. Robinson

Jesus loves you less than you would know

Woe woe woe

God help me please, Mr. Robinson

Heaven holds no place for those who hate

Hate Hate Hate, Hate Hate Hate


Here you are in Manchester spouting your pathetic shite

We'd like to help you learn to f*%# yourself

Look around you all you see are unsympathetic eyes

Stroll around our town but w...

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Intolerants not welcome

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Intolerants not welcome - The battle of Lewisham 13.08.1977


An anti muggers march, called by mugs who wanted to spread hate

August thirteenth in ’seventy seven, history demands we mark the date

when South East London screamed out for black and white to unite and fight,

ensuring wronguns on right would never again be so bold or bright.


The backward Front was in for one...

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77ANLBNPEDLfascismintoleranceintolerantsLewishamNational FrontPunkracismRARThe Clash NF

Hatred Junkie

Fake nostalgia spews out from your head

For a sepia England that was never there

Hatred junkie, you know

Where the blood river flows

Feel the bile at your knees


Marching bands drown out your higher brain

Blaring voices drive your soul insane

Hatred junkie, you feel

Like a cog on a wheel

Grinding so out of time – after time


God made you useless


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