Harsh fireflies.

Sitting here 

in the dark. 

Smoking poison, 

While soaking up the night sky like lotion. 

Stars shine bright, 

like little fireflies dancing in a summer breeze. 


I wish upon upon the biggest star, 

while there’s a breeze between my shaking knees. 

I bow my head and begin to weep  


I fucked another one, 

a lifeless soul. 


Rubbing their flesh against mine, 


almost like nails on a on a chalk board. 



And cold  


what have I done  

why do I self destruct my heart and mind? 


These are are the questions, I’m trying to rhyme  

but I can’t... 

I surrender to the darkness. 

Fuck upcloudymindsorrowhatefuckinghatredselfworth

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