Set Them Free

How The 'Few,' Rule The Multitudes


     'We,' are niether Darwinian, or Adam & Eve. We are, an Alien Hybrid. Our Architects, our engineers, our rulers, are few, and we, are the many. So how, do they keep control. What follows, is how 'we' ourselves, have been conditioned, and orchestrated, and manipulated, to uphold the whip for them. It is a whip they no longer need to weild as what is lain within you, is thier conditioning to your own self - flagellation.


     I.    At an early point in your life, they introduce you to religion, in our Western World, 'The         Nativity' is introduced.

     II.    We grow, both physically, and mentally, and are bombarded with norms and values, that create needs and wants. We begin to yearn for what our intellect, and body urges us to 'want.'

     III.    We are forced to live a bare and oppressive system that inhibits your wants and needs, your bodily requests and desires.

     IV.    That seed that has been sat with you since The Nativity, has also grown with you, and as you yearn for what is being denied, your self - flagellation begins, you call the urge to buy shoes, 'greed,' and your bodily desire for a partner, 'Original sin.' But both, are a natural state of humankind.


     This is how it is done. This is how the few rule and abuse the multitudes, and you let them. You give your intellect over to it, and then ram it down your childrens neck too. They have no need to enforce your purgatory, they can sit back, happy in the knowledge you will do it to yourself.


     Until you look it squarely in the eye, you will always be in purgatory. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and if you have any chance to 'free' your children, will let them know this is how war is gotten, this is how 'peoples' are oppressed, this is how you will feel so sorrowful, and living despair in future life, if you propagate thier control mechanism.


     If you want to set your children free, if you want to set humanity free, you must know this. 'They,' are few, and have cloaked this World for long as they conduct experiment upon us. But we have been seen. More and more are waking around this World to shout 'humanity is being insulted.' And they, are keen to prevent movement, and knowledge to populations that will become a threat to thier control.


     The biggest corporation which is Global, is 'Police.' They must choose soon, whether humanity wins, or thier ten percent.


     A little alien tech, and you're sure it is a sign of deity, it is not. There are benevolent realms and benevolent beings, they are not beholden to books of Narccissism designed only to control, and niether are you. To set your children free, you need to see and understand how we are 'conditioned.' Bad medicine, is in those that say to you; 'Pray to God.' As for thousands of years we have been instructed the same, and for thousands of years our children have been hit, abused, raped, and killed.


     Good medicine, is in helping liberate Humanity, and setting your children free by belonging to one another, and giving back the life, to your children, who are now being conditioned, to pray for an after-life for this one is purgatory.


     Give back the day, to your children, give back the belief, to your children, give back the life, to your children, and set humanity free.


Michael J Waite 26th August 2020.





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