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i DONT belong 

i don’t belong here

i don’t belong anywhere. 

i belong alone .

i belong dead.


no one understands me.

i go in groups and try to talk but nothing useful comes out. 

i try to get people to like me but no one ends up liking me. 

im insane.

im so far in my own mind i can’t connect with anyone around me.


i hate myself. i hate who i am.

why can’t i get along? why can’t I be loved?

why don’t people like me? I don’t understand. 

what did I ever do wrong? i thought I was good enough. not good enough for my dad though. I’ll never be. 


life it’s self is pointless. i repeat the same cycle everyday wishing someone or something would take me out of it. end it. end my life. end everything that gives me pain.


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