We don't see in black and white

our heart shaped specks

whisper glitter through our minds


We feed promises to chocolate buttons

and elongate innocence like liquorice laces.

strawberry naivety coiled on our tongues


Hiding in makeshift tents

building safety from Lego

We know the cost of

unstable ground


Hearing music in every sound

we d...

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15 years younger

has kangaroos hopping all over it

Like Australia

has tears in two week old jeans

optimism leaking from pockets



why worry, she can replenish, right.


Cheeky eyes that cry

when they don't get their own way

and a smile that whisks

you back to a time where

there is more time


Where your worry that your life i...

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The window waved

to a silence:


swallowing time


Wanderlust eats stars

Takes abandonment home for tea.

Remembers when The

Golden Girls had

their silver hue.

Knows what to do

when you don't


She can even magic eye,

and fingerknits belonging on the bus.


Bubble gum girl

happily sits still and thinks


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Old Glitter and Flipflops



I dont quite fit

the cracks between your toes.

The glitter slides around the eyes

lies in the corner of truth


words we shared

rub my feet sore now.

No more lippy on my cheek

and hugs in the dark

a camp lark

down the mike


Im sure you don't

even like me.

A poke on facebook would be nice,

if not ru...

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Reality is Five by Seven Miles

Crimson gulps tea


rough hands grasping the mug


Off centre like Wednesday

Trying to get even

with seven

and at one with her past


She dreams on tip-toes

of grass birds nests

and the seagulls serenade.

Giggles at the secrets

snow whispers.


Reality is a five by seven mile


longing for curves.

It snaps rule...

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Unlikely Hero


Clumsy Language

Trips over its shoelaces

swears and lights another fag,

cracks open a can and blurs its own edges.


Disorganisation and bad planning

hold hands, stand brashly

interfering with the chairs.

Agitation twitches fingertips,

paces itself out

shouts to be heard in the quietest space.


The security guard

working hard ...

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Too Much Too Young


Two girls sat together;
Jane is 8, has a sleek dark hair cut that bobs in the 80's
Cathy is 6 with curly blonde hair that spirals through the years

Bottoms cold against the step,heads warming in the sun
Jane says " I went to the park with dad yesterday"
Cathy tells her, My dad hit my mum again last night
Silence befalls them
Child-like dreams caught in the net of a...

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Through The Window


The window sticker pleaded

'give a gnome a home'

His nose cold against the glass


Wurzel Gummage sang

about the alphabet.

I held Amanda close.

The black doll slept

Through the 7am calm


Cheek-a-boo Clip-on

clasping the light-pull

applauding the darkness

feeling alone


Snow White projected

on the wall

Engrained in my...

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The Enlightenment 82


Enlightenment 82


On the bus people have plans in their pockets

and misgivings are loose change.

Their smiles tell you lies

and you pocket the difference


Stars drip from zips left open.

Pasty crumbs are worshipped as promises.

A 7up can is an omen,

And a black cat etched in the glass

winks at you


On the bus religion

is ...

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Speedo Second Thoughts


Speedo Second Thoughts

Jean writes housing letters

In Franklin Gothic Heavy

her meek voice scared and shouting.

She is sorry for apologising

every -second -word.


Serena skirts the edges

paraphrasing her distance.

Hesitantly hesitating

In case she gets it wrong.


We all have our quirks here:

Doreen perches on the side


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In Grip Of Silence

Maybe the cats are meandering on another street

and the snails amble minutely in the lawn.

The drenched dogs gambole in a neighbouring field.


The slick pebbles shield insects from sight

the ambititious ants bustle there

whilst soggy branches whisper over

budding bluebells and a bunch of yellow flowers


Potential pedestrains prevaricate indoors


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Mr Relaxed


Theres a guy the opposit of ambitious

Adverse to pinstripes,order, folders

and all things typed


Hates the words modules, schedules and meetings

Loathes all food with meat in


Has no time for time

sees the grouchy nature of clocks

and the bilingual nature of colour.

Rejoices in the serenity of empty

and the shape of plans unmade



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The Cellar Door-open floor event in Chester-free for all.

Hi All,
New open floor poetry night in Chester!
The details are- "The Cellar Door", 7.30pm every 1st Monday of the month @ The Bear and Billett Pub on Lower Bridge Street, Chester. (top floor).

However in December it is held on 2nd December due to bookings at the venue.
Look Forward to seeing you there!
Please spread the word !
Take care.

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