Old Glitter and Flipflops

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I dont quite fit

the cracks between your toes.

The glitter slides around the eyes

lies in the corner of truth


words we shared

rub my feet sore now.

No more lippy on my cheek

and hugs in the dark

a camp lark

down the mike


Im sure you don't

even like me.

A poke on facebook would be nice,

if not rude after so much time

has elapsed


I felt trapped

when I met you.

You had useful rusty keys.

I eyed them keenly.

You winked the wisdom I needed.


A reluctant hero: your cape

a sequinned shawl

your masculinity mascared raw.


I eased words coin-wise

in to the palm of your hand

as sand blurred the glitter

you brushed on my arm.


Charm can answer for much.

A touch echo'd for years.

A few words piled low

spanned the gape

between nothing and nowhere

A huge leap for me


before I leave

just one question for you...

do you still have that key?



◄ Reality is Five by Seven Miles



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Cate Greenlees

Wed 15th Jun 2011 15:05

Like Isobel I found this intriguing one, quite reflective but sad.
Cate xx

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Elaine Booth

Mon 13th Jun 2011 22:28

Very evocative poem. I enjoyed the language and images.

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Sun 12th Jun 2011 20:03

An intriguing one Emma, that is no doubt inspired by personal experience. Once senses the hint of a story in all this - the casting back of your mind to other times.

The question you end on leads the reader to question whether it is really over, for the main character.

Did you write this for the 'Shoes, Feet and all things Podiatric' themed competition we are having? I just wondered since you make reference to flip flops, feet and toes.... If you'd like to be part of it, please tag the poem with 'feet'. It is just a bit of fun we have here on WOL now and again. There is no prize, other than recognition from fellow poets.

Isobel x

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Alan Morrison

Fri 10th Jun 2011 13:18

I like that a lot. Very nicely done. Especially the trailing rhymes and the alliterative "You winked the wisdom I needed". I'm really impressed. Thank you for sharing.

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