Shoes, Feet and all things Podiatric

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Since everyone seemed to enjoy the Escape themed poetry competition, I thought I’d introduce a new theme pretty quickly before the holiday season begins - I hope you like it.  I wanted something totally different that opened us all up to lighter poetry.  The competition will run till 6thJuly with votes to me by 10thJuly.  I wasn’t proposing to put up any prize money.  I don’t think people are motivated to take part by money or by charity donations.  I think people just want to be part of something and enjoy writing to a theme.  Reward comes from knowing that even one person valued your poetry above all others.  Often the difference between 1stand runners up is negligible, given the low voting numbers.  Very many people do read the poems though and enjoy the amazingly different interpretations on a theme.  I’m willing to change my decision on charity donation though, if enough people tell me they would like that idea to continue…

I’m blogging beneath this an old poem I wrote about shoes back in my early days on the site.  I would urge Anthony Emmerson to do the same with a poem he wrote on the same subject.  I may chuck the odd poem into the melting pot cos I like the challenge, but peeps can’t vote for me this time, since I’m running it.  I hope people will get involved and make it a success, like they have for all the others.  I for one have really enjoyed reading them all – though I found it impossible to keep up with comments.  xx




Sometimes it’s hard

not to listen to voices

‘Tart’ whispers one

‘Mutton dressed as lamb’



Ruffled feathers

freeze for a moment,

clipped too many times,

but the shoes have bonded

and they are dancing

to a different beat.


She smiles serenely,

with 2 finely varnished nails

salutes the world

and ‘totters’ precariously

onto a bright new stage…


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Cate Greenlees

Wed 15th Jun 2011 15:18

Lovely to see those feet dancing unconstrained to their own beat! No fitting into shoes that dont fit now darlin!!
Cate xx

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kath hewitt

Tue 14th Jun 2011 06:36

It would seem I really do have a problem writing any other way than miserably! I had thought I would participate again with the theme, only I just can't do it lol
Even the 3 years working at Clarks isn't helping!! Ha Ha

Either way, it should make for some funny reading somewhere along the way!

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Sun 12th Jun 2011 21:57

Thank you Emma. It's an old one but still relevant cos I still dress like a teenager on occasions...

Lots of our older stuff is ok to post when the need arises, I think - cos the turnover of people on here means that few will have read or remembered it.

Winston - I think it is also a good idea to take existing poetry and expand - particularly if they can adapt to both themes - disqualification - no such thing in my vocabulary. x

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Emma McCourty

Sun 12th Jun 2011 20:17

Love the above poem Isobel. Very strong imagery and sense of character. I love how when you focus on shoes the story gets away from you when you write :o) its so much more than shoes :o)

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Emma McCourty

Sun 12th Jun 2011 20:11

Hi Isobel! thank you for the comments on Old Glitter and Flipflops. Glad you like it. yeah its true. me clinging on...ah well. I woul;d love to tag it for Wollop-shoes segment if you like. Thankl you for asking me :o) I will just trot on to see how to tag it now :o)

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winston plowes

Sat 11th Jun 2011 23:20

Hi Isobel, I have entered a poem which was entered into the last comp '1971' I have added to it with reference to feet. I know that this is not what I am supposed to be doing, sorry but I was never one for convention. If I am disqualified just say so and I will remove the tag, no problem. Win x

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Tue 7th Jun 2011 15:11

I may have to do two. One to get the malaise and angst out and another, more fun one.

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Tue 7th Jun 2011 13:54

LOL - don't let it bother you Alison - it's the poet in you desperate to get out. I suppose if we were meant to be comedians, we'd all have big smiley faces painted on us at point of delivery... just hit me with your angst! xx

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Tue 7th Jun 2011 13:29

Eeek, my first draft is heading down the soulful and depressing route. How have I let that happen?

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Tue 7th Jun 2011 12:50

No - 'Feet' please - I thought that would be the easiest thing to spell. I hope we get as many entrants as yours did. Sometimes less serious topics stimulate the mind less...

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Dave Bradley

Tue 7th Jun 2011 12:43

This looks like fun, Izz. Better than my miserable old theme.

How should entries be tagged? Podiatric?

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Tue 7th Jun 2011 09:27

I agree about writing to a theme so thank you for providing some food for thought. I hadn't realised there was a prize involved for the last one, took me a little by surprise! I'll take a good look at the FMBs and see what I come up with ...

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Mon 6th Jun 2011 22:10

That would be great Andy!

I must confess that I once wrote the most miserable, depressing, cathartic poem ever with shoes as the central metaphor for an unhappy, mismatched marriage. Which just goes to show that us poets can turn anything into sheer torture if we choose to... I won't be inflicting a second one on you though :))

I should add that I am not just soliciting happy clappy up beat poetry. A good balance of poignant, sad, funny, zany is nice. There is a definitely a place for serious poetry. Most of us have been there - experienced something sad - it is what connects us and should be expressed without fear. I was relieved and heartened by the response I had to mine. x

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Andy N

Mon 6th Jun 2011 22:04

Hi Isobel.. Interesting choice for a comp.. I've got a old poem wrote on that from ages ago which I never blogged about a friend's shoes which I'll have to re-write it.

Did enjoy doing the last one, must admit (was away so missed the voting)..

In the meantime, everybody good luck! x

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