Naughty Digits!

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I have never been one

To slowly and lowly

Dip my toe in the flow

Of life.


Rather I`ve leapt

Feet first in a burst

Of passion not to ration

My enthusiasm


Walk a straight line?

Well no, what a bore!

Throw me a curve and I`ll swerve

Off track.


I have no control

Over lower digits which fidget

To land me and strand me

In trouble.


Many times I have tried

To rein and constrain them

Keep them anchored as they hankered

To jump.


To no avail

As together they endeavour

To taunt me and launch me

Once more


With a whoo hoo into doo doo!


◄ Uncle Ned

I Am Ill ►


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Yvonne Brunton

Fri 4th May 2012 17:49

yee-haa love it - and the last line makes it for me. I always love a little twist in the tail/tale? XX

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Sun 3rd Jul 2011 16:35

What a fun take on the theme - I love the feeling of exuberance this exudes. I personally would do without the last line though.

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Dave Bradley

Sun 19th Jun 2011 05:54

Enjoyable, Cate. Is that last line perform-able?

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Dave Carr

Thu 16th Jun 2011 21:05

Good poem Cate. Didn't Beckham get red carded in the world cup for that?

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Cate Greenlees

Thu 16th Jun 2011 17:45

Ooo thanks Laura.... dont know how I came to make two spelling mistakes, its something I hate when I read a piece of work! Must be my naughty upper digits at work!

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Laura Taylor

Thu 16th Jun 2011 16:10

Ha - I identify with this. I think I am actually incapable of keeping still or of subduing my impulse control!

Couple of typos, if you don't mind me pointing them out? I think 'reign' should be 'rein' if yo are on about constraining them, and not reigning over them, a la Her Maj

Also, it's 'endeavour' :)

Enjoyed this

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Emma McCourty

Thu 16th Jun 2011 15:22

Makes the reader feel like throwing caution to the wind and LIVE!

I like it :o)

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Thu 16th Jun 2011 08:41

Thanks for joining in Cate. A lovely light hearted piece with great use of rhyme. My feet get me into lots of trouble too - it must run in the blood... xx

<Deleted User> (7212)

Wed 15th Jun 2011 18:19

it's a good job you don't have a pecker then... these things have a mind of their own & can get you into a LOT of trouble ! :)

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