Devotion and Desire

Your fingers strummed the strings of your guitar in a lazy, sleepy pattern as my consciousness began to drift
I inched as close to you as possible, molding my bones to yours as I seamlessly carved for myself a place at your side
Space was a silly idea, a concept at that moment we would never need to consider, should never consider
You played on as we laid together, my chest rising and falling against the back of your arm as its muscles continued their motions from memory
And as we laid I knew with absolute certainty there was nowhere else to ever be in this world or any other but by your side

I knew the glorious embodiment of you, shining as your own in that tired old room with its dim yellow light, only paled in comparison to the person you would be well rested tomorrow
That the person you would grow into a decade later would be wiser, kinder, more practiced than the man whose fingertips willed each chord into existence today
And the man whose fingertips were so rough with callouses would always, no matter the age of our love, be the man whose hands would so gently will the deepest desires from my being
Devotion is a matter of love, commitment a promise to make each day, and as my cheek nuzzled itself against your shoulder, eyes closed as you serenaded me into the night, I silently promised you a lifetime and more of partnership, exclusivity, and these precious moments of seamless connection between us 

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