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Tin foiled hats on.

Tin foiled hats on


I find my mind can’t be consoled

Its constant entrainment mind controlled

Cell towers transmitting microwaves

Smart meters your money will never save


Here we go, another tinfoil nutter

I hear again a few may mutter

Thinking they know more than scientific  facts

Their truths based on lies whilst mine on facts


My background is verifiable


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5GChemtrailsMicrowave saturation.

Ignorance is bliss

So I guess that they've imprisoned us into this predetermined preposition 

When the truth is there so blatantly but we can't help but not to listen 

Because ignorance is bliss so we'll stay blissfully unaware 

As to the GMO's in all our food and the geo engineering in the air 

I suppose we'll go organic and refuse the water from the tap 

What about the metals likened to a subtle che...

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