You are not awake if you are a millionaire,

Power is what they are after,they are just infi-naires.

Wake up, look at them, put you through school, just another tool.

Don't let them fool you, they want to live through you.

This is someone's dream selling your dreams, don't sleep in,

Everybody trying to slip out, things we don't want to talk about.

Look at the world through the simulation glass,

Seems dark in the daylight, living life on a pattern.

This is another class on how to live your life.

Be authentic to your dreams in this life,

A messiah to those relating, charismatic,

Pessimistic, problematic, toxic and generic.

Foolish how we live like we a happy,

Hypno-risus, look at us working our years chasing happiness.

Spent like two-cents, left two scents, who smells and who tells

Looking lost?, pawn them for the dust, “trust us” now that's funny.

You know yourself, don't let people fool you,

You are not fake if you are chasing fame, that's just you chasing your flame.

 Tame your dreams, dream what you invision, take your time, no rush.

If you know what the "wake knows", open their eyes.

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Lord Kelvin Masilela

Fri 15th Oct 2021 20:22

thats main theme actually, ?

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Mon 11th Oct 2021 19:18

I like this very much. Exposure!

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