Poisoning our Children

Carcinogenics in every single thing we buy
From our food, clothes, to even our hair dye
Although Europe does indeed do more to try to protect us
America really doesn't seem to give a flying fudge
They have many slimy loop holes which risk our health and safety
Like the fragrance loop hole that has, over these years, affected us far too greatly
They need not disclose chemicals that they use to scent our trusted daily products
Not many are so natural, the truth being that they are synthetically man-made by us
They pollute all of the products we buy for our friends and families
Even the baby's lotion, shampoo, baby grow's and nappies
If this isn't a good enough reason for you to be pissed
I'm pretty sure my next point will ensure you feel this
These products are widely used by all
Whether they are young, old, or even a newborn
They knowingly advertise and push products down our throats
Recommending it at your GP's, going as far as to boast
When the real truth is these things create us such a great mass of sickness
Diseases like Cancer are a common occurrence that causes us distress
Yet it could be prevented if it wasn't for their lack of ability to confess
That they have lied through their teeth for money and greed
Even if it has costed us our health and our ability to be freed

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Fri 24th Jan 2020 17:46

Thankyou so much? sorry for the late reply my health has been rubbish haha

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Taylor Crowshaw

Wed 14th Nov 2018 07:16


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