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Ode To Eva

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You are sunkissed hair

All seaside skin

The tomboy princess

Scraped knees, bruised shins.


A tree climbing angel

My hide and seek belle

All beauty and promise

Like an old wishing well.


Such a natural leader

As you're learning and growing

You shine like a beacon

So head strong and knowing.


Bringing joy in abundance

As I watch you develop

Smashing life's milestones

With a crash, bang and wallop.


You are mischief and mayhem

With an infectious beamer

All gummy and pretty

My darling daydreamer.


You're my mark of distinction

My medal of honour

The strength of my shield

My unseen coat of armour


My proudest achievement

A love like no other

My heart beams with sunlight

Just to know I'm your mother


(c) Helen Elliott


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<Deleted User> (12596)

Sun 27th Jul 2014 23:58

Helen, I just can't get enough of your poetry! This one especially is just so lovely to read and has left me beaming. :)

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 21st Jul 2014 21:59


<Deleted User> (6895)

Thu 17th Jul 2014 08:41

Hi again(and good morning Helen and of course Eva!)I forgot to mention your daughters name is similar to our granddaughters name-Evie(now eighteen.She lives in the States and attends Uni in Oregon)I also forgot to mention the poem Granddad Stef did for her back on October 10th 2011 called 'Evie looking back'..only a simplistic poem but it did come from the heart.When you get chance maybe you could have a read? it might give you a smile..but don't you or any other member of you family attempt the same 'task'(even though it was a labour of love)of making the item mentioned in the poem unless you have six weeks to spare! again well done on this poem of yours...xx

<Deleted User> (6895)

Wed 16th Jul 2014 23:38

A worthy dedication to such a sweet looking young lady(Mums double!).You must be so proud.

Patricia and Stef.xx

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Ged the Poet

Wed 16th Jul 2014 19:33

Nothing like a Mothers Pride Helen... and I don't mean the bread ;)

'With an infectious beamer
All gummy and pretty
My darling daydreamer...'

Great work.

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