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I had a dream that I could fly.

I soared up on wings made of paper

and feathers of ink,

and sky-wheeled with eagles and doves.

They saw me for a fraud

but embraced me all the same,


until I woke up,

and fell from the sky.

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volatile flickering glim--

exposed and expiring

within trenchant

tangling convolutions



fragile faithless prayers--

wrestled and relented

from incoherent

idling dissolutions



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The Scalded Soldiers

The scalded soldiers

Slid over the top

Of the parched peak; waved,

Awaited the pop


Of reflexed wretchings -

The wretched allure;

Sweet shelling shrapnel

So bitter and pure.


Then dinning quiet but

Cliched tweeting; the

Eery aftermath

Of gorge filled eating.


The troops fall silent

'Til cries ring out and

Once more the trenches

Filled with d...

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despaireating disordersSelf-doubt

Spring Tanka

A winter bite that

mocks the spring, pincers its cocoon.

A life supported?

Cease one's internal decay,

Even ice melts. Love's fluidity.

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