On a cold winter's night

They sat, hand in hand

Ravaged by time

Old in design


Two dinosaurs

In a digital age

Still in analogue love

Upon a wireless hub


Sitting on a park bench

Beneath a full moon

At the end of their time

Bodies poised to resign 


As frost gathers around

They glisten as one

Hands intertwined

Old parchment defined


by the toil of life

And the flow of time

Drifting free of its wake

To the eternal break


60 years together

In each other's pocket

Just earthly loose change

Through life's great exchange


Such memories they share

(A time capsule of minds)

Of their first caress

Of a little red dress

Of that wanton smile

Of the initial denial

Of the realisation

of hearts being taken

Of confetti and smiles

Of rose wrapped aisles

Of laughter and joy

Of a girl or a boy?

Of a difficult birth


Of a new seed for the earth


Of a recovery too long

Of a bond holding strong

Of a love so entwined

Of contentment defined


But, their world has now gone

So they sing their own song

They'll do it their way

As 'ol' blue eyes' would say


So, now, here they rest

Two peas in a pod

Perched, ever so gently,

Upon the easel of God

A brush stroke in time

Part of the canvas devine

As they both fall asleep

While the sky starts to weep

They become effervescent

In the past and the present

The universe is theirs

As they walk up those stairs

Fragmenting to light

To illuminate the night.




◄ To Bloom

Me v The Moon ►


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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 24th Nov 2020 19:59

Thank you for the approving Like Cody!

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 22nd Nov 2020 17:48

Thank you Keith! A wonderful, encouraging comment!

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keith jeffries

Sun 22nd Nov 2020 15:58


This is poetry at its best. Fabulously descriptive. Well crafted and certainly to be read again and again.

Thank you for this


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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 20th Nov 2020 15:40

Thanks for the Like Dawn! And thanks for the, always encouraging, and much appreciated comment Mr Po(et)

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Paul Sayer

Fri 20th Nov 2020 11:57

The age of timelessness,

as current as of the ancient language of love Stephen.

Indeed a priceless timeless piece.

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 19th Nov 2020 20:47

Thanks for the Likes & lovely, encouraging comments Patricia & Stefan, Julie, Ruth & Stephen. And for the Likes Jordyn & Emer, always appreciate !

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 19th Nov 2020 17:09

'Upon the easel of God' is a beautiful line.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 19th Nov 2020 16:18

This is really well thought through and beautiful😄

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julie callaghan

Thu 19th Nov 2020 16:00

A beautiful love story right to the very end.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 19th Nov 2020 15:59

a LOT of very much worthwhile work that two old gits like us can easily and tearfully relate to. Brilliant writing Mr A!-


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