Rain, I love this day!!⛈☔

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Rain in itself is an emotion.

For some emotion of love and romance,

for others emotion of sadness by chance,

but for me, it's an emotion of calmness, I stance.


In those time of rain, 

electricity goes away,

cold winds began to slay.

Forcing me to say;

I love this day.


In those times of rain,

days seem to be dull

but the breeze acts as a pull.

Plants began to swing,

as if in spring.

forcing me to say,

I love this day.


Sitting by the window,

I am writing this info.

 I am so ecstatic

as well as calm.

That things seem to be pathetic,

along with some charm.


I was in delight,

until it was dazzling,

but now I am in such a plight

that I am frustrated with this storming.

It's raining heavily,

making things gravelly.

Still forcing me to say,

I love this day.


Now I'll have to clean up,

all the mess made by a cloudburst.

Still such was the case,

I could look at my face,

forcing me to say;

I love this day.

                  -Advaita Singh!

{{scribbling world: Rain, I love this day!!⛈☔ (miraculousword.blogspot.com)}}



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The Chessplayer

Sat 12th Jun 2021 07:24

Rain sustains us all
But we don't stop to notice;
We just let it fall.

it's cool that you notice :)

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Rasa Kabaila

Sat 29th May 2021 06:38

Thank you for your poem Avaita. I love poems about nature and the natural world, as I feel they are a way to say thank you to mother earth. Others see rain as an obstruction to activities, but I feel that rain is so healing-especially after the recent bushfires we experienced in Australia. I'll never see rain in the same way again.

I love these lines in particular with your poem:

Plants began to swing,

as if in spring.

forcing me to say,

I love this day.

Have a lovely weekend.
Best wishes,

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