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Dawn on First Poem (Wed, 17 Feb 2021 09:33 pm)

Some day

Some day you gonna say,  some day you gonna stop
Some day the world will listen,  some day they gonna stop
Its better to look in bright, so it make you shine
Mix all ingredients of guide, So that it tastes like wine
Follow your heart,  follow your dream
Follow your happiness which makes people scream.

Some day you gonna say,  some day you gonna stop
Some day the world will liste...

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Everything Is Okay

Sleepless night, cold thoughts, 
with the hidden warm spots. 

Novel plans, scared mind, 
with the tight positive bind.

 Large world, little we, 
with the strong belief tree.
Inside us, heart and mind are having terror play, 
Where heart always scored high, With the point
''Everything Is Okay''. 

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First Poem

I just found myself in the depth of thoughts, that how my clouds of interest could be caught. 

Lets grab all the things in my heart,
Which gives more options that i can add to my cart.

Try to roll my thoughts in words for the first time, 
And taking so much pressure to match the rhyme.

Mid night am writing this by doing mind fight,
But at the same time am thinking about the next episod...

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