The Key to the Lock

A little poem inspired by the all the positive aspects i discovered over the last year in lockdown. 


As I walked past the empty gym,

My thoughts began to swim.

I wondered what now? Where will I find my escape?

Lost in thought, I continued down the cityscape.


I listened intently,

As the winds blew gently.


The outside air called for adventure,

A need for wanderlust amongst nature.

I cycled down Grand Union Canal

With no second thoughts or rationale.

I just knew I felt alive,

So, I continued to strive.


Hiking to Thor’s cave,

A sense of accomplishment it gave.

My walking boots became my best friends,

Together we walked all ends.


Whilst many engaged with the Netflix zombies,

I continued to discover my hobbies.


My hands clasped around a familiar metal,

With a tennis racket I would settle.

The adrenaline gave me purpose

And I no longer felt nervous.


As the days went by,

Along with the summer of July

Unearthing a new skill

Was such a thrill.

In my oven I’d see the rising layers of soft bakes,

With all the sprinkled chocolate flakes.


As my belly lay indulged in sweetness,

I found my soul had achieved completeness.


In this darkness I discovered my light,

A spark to ignite,

A long-forgotten joy

That I would now forever employ.

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<Deleted User> (18980)

Fri 5th Feb 2021 20:17

Like it, but if you're still using a metal tennis racket you're seriously out of date Joshi. (It's okay, I know it's poetic licence)

Profile image


Fri 5th Feb 2021 16:27

Well said Joshi. I wholeheartedly agree. ?

And welcome to WriteOutLoud! Hope you're settling in.

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