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My Silly Love Song (Apr 2018)

You are the sum of every silly love song. Every sweet melody. Your laugh is the soundtrack of my every daydream. Your voice is the lullaby that sings me to sleep every night, whether your head rests on the pillow beside mine or not. Your kisses pump the blood through my veins and give me strength when I'm feeling my weakest.
You play, I sing. We complete each other in all of the better ways. Anyone can see that we were chiseled exactly right to complement one another. My weaknesses are your strengths and where I excel, you lack, and yet, some things we do perfectly in sync because we wouldn't have it any other way. The Creator of the Universe got every single detail exactly right, as if our love story is one of His great masterpieces. And to us, it is. You are my greatest treasure. You are the completion to my family. You're the missing part of me I've searched for since I was a kid. The pride and joy I feel when we lock eyes across a room, the heat in every moan, the comfort in every embrace, they all go unmatched. Nothing in my life can even compare. No Hollywood love story crafted with beautiful words and beautiful pretenders could ever correctly portray everything we have. There are no words to describe the assuredness I feel when picturing our future. There aren't enough letters in the English language to explain the way your gaze captures me midmotion, midthought, and locks me in place until I have to either make a conscious decision to look away to break the heat of that gaze or the whole world starts moving around us and it breaks due to normal life and responsibilities catching up with us.

You are the most wonderful part of everyday. You are that song that gets stuck in your head that you can listen to a thousand times before ever feeling the least bit sick of it. I don't believe it's possible to everĀ tireĀ of you. You are my steady heartbeat and even the most monotonous activities are transformed into a quiet, joyous partnership in action when I'm paired with you.


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