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Robert Mann on In Cahoots (4 days ago)

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Devon Brock on In Cahoots (5 days ago)

Don Matthews on In Cahoots (5 days ago)

Cat Fight

Monitoring for movement, scanning expectantly for signs.

Electric eyes, barely blinking.

Knowing her prey and their hiding places.

Prowling the night, thoughts blacker than the surrounding darkness.


Staccato stalking, sleek and streamlined, she surveys the air.

Nervous nose, almost aquiver.

Senses tingling in anticipation, ready for certain combat.

Tracking the scent, sin...

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All My Own Work

I never know my children, once delivered they’re yours.

Nurture and protect them, absolve them of all flaws.

I am just a donor, casting seeds upon the leaves.

Your perception filters any growers from the weeds.


I present these gifts in naked form, exposed to critics’ gaze.

Not only do they need release, they often need your praise.

Dress them up in your own image, keep them ...

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Wild Insomnia

Rain skitters ‘cross rooftops,

Fleeing rodents into shadow.

Wind ruffles ‘cross feathers,

Flighting owl into silence.






Swift execution.

Darkest dreamless thought.


Rain restarts the clock,

Ticking talons gain traction.

Wind restarts an ascent,

Launching flaps gain elevation.






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Suicide Note - Death of Insomnia

Added the audio and retitled to avoid confusion.


Abandoned by treacherous night,

Marooned to a sweat soaked sheet.

Former ally once hid my plight,

Forces me into tortured retreat.


Woke up in the middle of my breakdown.

No longer finding sanctuary in sleep.

This life will be the death of me.

Murdered by thoughts I fight to keep.


Grey matter I yearn to splat...

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In Cahoots

I long to be in Cahoots with you,

It sounds a magical place.

More tempting than Peril or Jeopardy,

Less wearying than Love or Awe.

Yes I’d rather be in Cahoots with you.

Let’s go there and get Trouble and Strife.

We’ll bypass the Crowd and their Fashions,

And travel on to Cognito and Sanity if we dare.

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Dear Roger

When Mum first presented you I thought you were a prick.

Your attempts to buy me off with a Metallica C.D. demonstrated your patheticness.

I didn’t say anything at the time ‘cos I didn’t want to hurt her feelings in front of you.

I wasn’t moody AND I WAS NOT A TYPICAL TEENAGER! I was thinking that you were not my Dad.


When Mum had you stay over at our house I thought she was despe...

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And when the flowers die,

Leaving empty space in air

That once their perfume filled.

When colour,

Vital as life itself,

Departs my eyes for good,

My thoughts return to hedgerows.

Wandering fields from whence love began,

And I will hold your hand, even in death.

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Billy the Hero/Bedtime

Billy the Hero


When Billy swallowed a squeaky toy,

Esmarelda did not fret.

The high-pitched bark quite suited his size,

So she didn’t involve the vet.


William was Esmay’s birthday gift,

When she was only ten.

Mum had said she had no sense,

So she’d had to wait ‘til then.


When Billy was nearly six months old,

He was chewing everything.

Including socks...

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Silent Witness and Silent Witness 2 (Supernova)

Silent Witness


Transfixed, she glared at her rock.

He stared back, barefaced and emotionless.

Her expression, startled and questioning,

Framed by a torrent of molten mane.

His blank coldness in marked contrast

Implied an obstinate defiance.

Neither moved nor gave ground,

And equally both held their breath.

Her eyes glazed with the promise of tears,

Mouth open, bu...

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Get Real

I want to write what pleases me,

And let the words flow wild and free.

In praise of love and times of glee,

Pen my thoughts romantically.

But times are hard, you will agree,

So I choose to reflect with commentary,

On all that happens in reality:

People in pain and poverty,

Child abuse, depravity.

Religious war, brutality.

Crimes against humanity.

Instant fame and c...

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When politicos attack our souls,

They don’t just put the boot in.

Some frighten their foes to achieve their goals,

And some use a strongarm, like Putin.


Others, barely subtle, use denial and rebuttal,

To repress the truth about rampant corruptions.

Between lies they shuttle, like rats on the scuttle.

Citing ‘fake news’ in toilet Twitter eruptions.


Using daily dece...

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Yes Minister

From the moment you wake

To the last time you sleep

It’s the mistakes that you make

And memories others keep

That determine the fate

Of the legacy you seek.


It’s not the trees that you shake

Or the havoc you wreak

More the lies that you spake

Of which others speak

That determine the fate

Of the legacy you seek.


It’s sage advice you forsake

Like a sl...

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Spin on This

Politicians mutate words for a covert agenda,

Twisting half-truths into party propaganda.

Reassuring us of change when they get elected,

Then maintain the status quo, leaving everyone dejected.

Blaming their predecessor’s lack of capability,

Creates the denial of their own responsibility.

Working for the voter was never their intention,

In it for themselves, being paid to ask ...

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Night came crashing down

Announced by drum rolls of thunder

Ten thousand serpents hissed in adulation

Their bodies writhing on roads and pavements

On rooves and in trees

Lightening split the sky in two

Separating birds from branches

Explosions of burning magnesium

Magnetic and electric crackled and faded

Allowing blackness and fear to reign

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Indian Summer

Solar powered September night stretches out,

Keeping senses from relaxation.

Slumbering spaniel races rabbits,

Pawing the air in futile pursuit.

Spiralling spider endlessly circles,

Running repairs in securest silks.


I stand becalmed beside an open window,

Where heat sucks oxygen from the room.

Cats tiptoe over shadowed pathways,

Calling for a cooling of molten tarm...

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We were made before time was measured,

When our world was forged by furious fire,

And the bellowing breath of raging titans.

Elemental and mystic, we rode unicorns

And tamed dragons, to rule forests and skies.

Serpents recoiled in reverential repose,

And gryphons circled beneath us,

Never daring ascent to our heights.


Those spiteful gods, having created us,

Grew jea...

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Leaving My Love

I love you so much we must talk of death,

Dwelling on more than emotional expense.

Exhaust lengthy dark whilst I still have breath,

Sharing division on unravelled consequence.

Within sun-kissed youth, life’s eternal play

Made foolish provision for later years.

Thoughts of mortality were led astray

By blinding innocence and childish fears.

Together we must face more adult mo...

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Who Are You?

Who are you, and why are you here?

I am your security, your protector and your safety blanket.

We will start this age of discovery and wonderment together,

Pausing only to sleep and refuel our curiosity.


Who are you, and why are you with me?

I am your companion, here to hold your hand.

We will travel through gates and down paths into green meadow and dark forest.

There we...

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In a Box

In a box with rusty padlocks in a corner of my head,

Are broken toys of childhood, laid to rest in premature separation.

Drowned emotions and strangled feelings, together dressed in black,

Are shadows of an inquisitive soul that might have been set free,

Were it not for a box with rusty padlocks in a corner of my head.


Keys, personally guarded on my gaolers’ chains,

Now hidd...

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Sarah's Song

My voice does not do the audio version justice - sorry Sarah.


Sarah’s song surrounds me –

Lilting whippoorwill on the wing.

Her emotional hide and seek,

Broadcast with tender caress, and

Sent to bathe me in summer’s breeze.


Sarah’s song surrounds me –

Floating euphony on flimsy cloud.

Gossamer kites, invisible strings.

Lightest touch of collision kisses,


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We kissed and set the wheels in motion.

Driven wild, I crashed upon your curves.

No control, let loose lust's potion.

Set adrift on sensory swerves.

See me drowning in your eyes.

Taste the poison from your lips.

Ignite me with your thighs.

Fan the flames with your hips.

Keep time with pulses racing.

Bodies writhing, burning heat begin.

Elusive rhythm. Ever chasing.


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Where Elephants Go


She does not see herself as the matriarch,

But age and wisdom dictate that no-one is more qualified.

Since his demise she has remained alone at the head,

Guiding with sage counsel and devotion.

Loved and revered by those who have followed.


The herd is spread, by distance alone.

Closeness is a family trait.

An achievement which she is proud to trumpet.

She knows th...

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Urban Fox

When he comes, he visits her at night.

Entering her personal space, uninvited but nonetheless welcome.

She does not know his schedule; dreadful expectation.

Absences unexplained.

Too wary to search for answers, prepared to forgive for shared moments.


His silent approach almost catching her unawares.

He returns, seeking her out from the rest.

Through swirling thoughts she ...

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Cruel Harvest

He picks, that's what he does.

Picks his brain for rational thoughts.

Rips them apart, twists the bits and joins them back again, misshapen.

Magnifies them in burning light, interrogates them, tortures them and

Then drowns them in the darkest recesses.


He picks, that's who he is.

Picks on perceived weaknesses.

Rips into them, tearing defences down and exposing vulnerabili...

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Black Dog

Time to revisit this one again from 2013 - this time with audio.


Frightening in your stealth, you descend like the darkest cloud.

They may not see you, but those close know you are with me.

Your visits provoke their wariness, afraid they may tip the scales.

Some are aware of your deceptive nature; the ignorant have no perception of your power.

Others turn away in accusation. As...

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Memories of Mum and Dad

Added the audio today. Hope you enjoy!


Where are they now, these people who loved me?

One of them dead and the other one should be.

He died early but Satan's still to ring her.

I don't think of them often, but these memories linger.


Six foot five, full of Guinness and fight.

Five foot four, full of vinegar and spite.

Belligerent bully with fists of iron.

Constant ...

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Haiku: Meditation

Crane reflects on pond

Looks beyond narcissism

Head bowed in prayer

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Haiku: Replete?

Blossom but no fruit

Beauty feeds both eye and soul

Hunger rumbles on


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Not Content

You woke me to share the moon,

Seasoned with stars, like savoury floss.

Devoured in seconds, we tasted heaven.

Immediate passions sated,

Still, ravenous greed sought planets and satellites.

Imagining unexplored alien foods,

We belched in satisfaction.

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Alone in Love

Truth is love;

You lied to me.

Love is precious;

You stole from me.

Acceptance is love;

You want to change me.

Love is freedom;

Just let me be.

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Haiku: False Witness

Imposter writes wrongs

Praise of prose but cuckoo song

Sweet talk - empty nest

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Meeting Strangers

Life took me by the hand today.

Led me to meet his oldest associate,

But not before visiting Youth.

A boy, as unscented as withered blooms,

Untouched by colour, save for heavy greys.

Lacking light from his eyes.

Cold vision, registering nothing.

He had recently greeted Life’s comrade,

Clammy hugs smothering him.

We moved on to the farthest shadows,

Which my companion’...

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