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the girl with the curves wishes she was thinner

the girl with narrow hips wishes her breasts were bigger


the girl with the acne wishes her skin was clear

the girl with clear skin wishes her freckles would disappear 


the girl with intelligence wishes she was pretty

the girl with beauty wishes classes were easy


the girl with straight hair wishes it was curly

the g...

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Prolonging The Inevitable.

Tell me baby who's on your mind?
Who do you see when your lips are on mine?

Is it the guy you kissed?
Or your friend you miss?
Or somebody that I completely dismissed?
Anyway, I guess I deserve all of this.
I put you through hell when I promised you bliss.

I know i'm getting fat,
And my habits are pretty bad,
I need to trim my nails,
And I'm just always fucking sad.

What a drag.

I woul...

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am i selfish?

Note: there is some strong language in this. it's not too bad. it's not too excessive, either. one word in here twice, i think. and if you're wondering, yes, the colors mean something. and yes, im genuinely asking a question to you, the reader. and to the person this is about. but i pray he never reads or finds this. anyway, enjoy.


Am I selfish for wanting another hug? 

I handed you the...

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