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how do you know
you’re a phoenix
when you’re born from ashes?

naked and fragile
fallen out of the sky
into a grey abyss

without the memory
of what you are
closer to death than life

what is left
when you’ve left
your past behind?

when your identity
has been plugged from you
like your feathers

nothing but silence
and darkness


only a spark
beyond the realm ...

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Hypocrite Society

I’m a poet

but nobody knows

there is a depth in me

that rarely shows


the man that you can see

is only a fraction of the whole me

under the surface

a place so vast

I couldn’t describe it

even if you’d ask

words are just not up to the task

so, I hide behind my mask


and you?
I would like to know you

but it’s hard for me to see through

‘cause y...

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The center of everything, in the middle of nowhere






the midpoint of the universe,

the center of everything

in the middle of nowhere

that’s you


space is infinite all around

think about it

your thoughts chase

the ever-extending boundaries

with the speed of light

but the limits are impossible to find

they are set by your mind


no need to be a scientist

to know, what can't be known


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The blank page

what a beautiful sight

the color of possibility

is called “white”


an empty space

is a little appreciated

frame of grace


many words in mind

but the right ones

hard to find


the pressure is high

to fill the void

time’s flying by


not until every word

is written down, a writer

stops to frown


like an hourglass after time

the pages ...

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Two people

who know what they want

and express how they feel

don't fight.

There's just no point in arguing about feelings.

You don't choose your feelings

so you can't be judged for having them.

So why keeping them from others?

Express yourself! 

It helps people understand.

It's called communication.


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The end of the chain

the madness is carried

from perpetrators to victims

from link to link on the chain of misery

where victims become perpetrators

and perpetrators create more victims

on and on it goes

history shows

that the chain extends

‘til the bitter end.


there is so much madness

coming from our race

sometimes I wonder

do we use the word “inhuman” in the wrong ways?

we ...

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motivationBe yourself

The man and the sea - Part 1: The Stranding

After the ship broke

the man found himself in the middle of the sea

drifting into the unknown in the dark

clinging to a piece of tree


the man is physically strong, he needs to be

cause his mindset is weak

and now that no one can see

he lets out a tiny weep


by daylight, the man spots land on the horizon

he heads off and crawls

but she, the sea, won’t let him ...

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malefemalegender rolessea themed poemsrelationships


I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you

I didn’t notice I was still running from the past

had blurry vision cause my pace was fast

unable to build anything that lasts


bonding never occurred to me

I was so desperate to be free

running I did, away from the past

now I’m alone

the first will be last


afraid to let you close

cause I might get attached

like with t...

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lonelyrunning awaythe pastwolf


If you could compare my soul to anything in nature

I’d say it‘s like a thunderstorm

people have mixed feelings about it

there are positive and negative feelings involved

some fear it for its destructive potential

some admire the lightning show


tension holds it together

that it’s trying to release

an inner state of unease

it’s contrary in all of its parts

the heat...

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Inner StrugglePurposesoulthunder


Freedom is a common term

it’s often said but seldom seen

the idea is easy to get

but hard to grasp

that’s what it’s all about


if you reach for it

you will never get close

accept the fact that you can’t catch it

the hurrier you go

the more you get left behind


it was always right here

it ain’t hard to find

somewhere between the boundaries of life

and ...

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freedomfearlimited view

Struggling in veins

Two hearts are beating in my chest 

one is right on time 

the other's left behind 

one is young, open and blind 

the other‘s tired, beaten and confined 

they are twins of different age 

both hunter souls, locked in a cage 

one is thirsty for blood 

the other has had enough 

though they are two 

neither can rest 

the constant battle puts both to the test 

but wil...

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heartmental healthphysical healthtorn aparttwo-faced

Cloudy Eyes

I have it all 

locked up inside 

my soul tries to hide 

and I can’t find the reasons why 


once I was whole 

pure spirit, body and soul 

the umbilical cord cut 

and ready to go 

into an unbiblical world 

I didn’t know 


the years passed and I passed out 

locked in a cage of everyday life 

I forgot there once was 

a fire burning inside 

suffocating ...

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depressionNumbnesssocietymodern lifelifemotivation

I don't mind

I don’t know where I’m coming from

and I don’t know where I’m going

if I don’t know this

what do I know then?


driven by insecurity

my mind tries to fill the void inside

searching for something that is real

getting trapped in the web

running in a wheel


make up your mind

and let the shit flow through

what’s important will stick around you

holding on to s...

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