I don't mind

I don’t know where I’m coming from

and I don’t know where I’m going

if I don’t know this

what do I know then?


driven by insecurity

my mind tries to fill the void inside

searching for something that is real

getting trapped in the web

running in a wheel


make up your mind

and let the shit flow through

what’s important will stick around you

holding on to stuff is deadly you know?

cause life proves

everything that’s alive, it moves


science tries to find the furthest place

in infinite space

but where will this lead?

we are such a disconnected breed

only five senses we need

with touch, smell, sight, taste and sound

we are well equipped

with our minds in charge, we’re losing it


hence, our mind doesn’t make (a) sense


there’s this guy in my street

we call him Lenny

staring out of his window, smokin’

seaming quite happy

he talks to the people, the ones in his head

his mind made up for him to chat

but if you think he’s crazy

beware what you say, instead

look at your own flaws in your head


it’s easy to judge

when you feel supreme

when you ignore your true self on the inside scream!

so, if you’re no judge

and most people are not

you better keep your fucking mouth shut

mind your own business

cause that takes a lot


the mind is desperate to be in charge

quick to make decisions we’ll soon regret

it gets it all wrong, but we fast forget

always tries to make it up next time

that little hypocrite

we wouldn’t trust it for as long as we did

if it wasn’t for our ego thinking we’re smart and shit


do you have the guts and listen to them?

it’s hard to give up on the stuff

you thought you knew

but once you surrender

life will be rewarding you


let it all go

it ain’t easy I know

but if it gets me the things that I’m eager to find

then I don’t mind



by Lasse Krey


Cloudy Eyes ►


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