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Quiet Example

Tis an interesting thing to consider yet

the value of a quiet example set.


Like the crystal streams, or the mountain air –

consistent, constant, always there.


Blessing every soul who happens by.

Never asking who, never asking why.


Giving joy just by being who they simply are.

Giving light through the night like a brilliant star.


Giving hope to the cr...

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The Gatherer

The Gatherer and the Giver sat atop a hill to gaze again
down at the village where they lived, and talk about the ones in need.
At end of day as sun went down, they sat there talking in the dim
as soul by soul they contemplated what was the best way to feed.

They did this often for they knew, despite the many years gone by,
the need to gather and to give would always be in high demand.

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Not A Single Thing

At the end of the day if the truth be told,
we don't own a single thing we hold.
Not the spoils we gain, nor the gold in hand.
Not the things we reap. Not the tracks of land
that we build upon, where we stake our claim.
Not the talents held, nor the claims to fame.
Not the words we write. Not the songs we sing.
No, we don’t own a single thing.
But the will we hold deep inside our heart.

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Strangers Unaware

How odd this ragged stranger seems

who jarred me from my frozen stare,

at dust and dreams and other things

for which I spend my time and care.


No other man hath paid him mind,

no nod, nor smile, nor kindness shown.

No, none at all hath lent him time.

No good man opened up his home.


So what is lost if I like they

wave off a hand and turn back in,

and quickly ...

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Dear One

I’ve told you so many times,
“I love you so much.
I’m so glad I found you.”
What else is there to say?


June 2012

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How Can I Tell You

How can I tell you that I love you?
I've said the words so many times; it's old hat to you.
I could quote Browning's poem of how she loved.
I'd say it's mine and mean every metaphor,
but you'd know she wrote it and you'd quote it.

I can write love poems just for you,
and every word I write is true, 
though I'm not adept with metaphors 
and don't use fancy words. 

I can bring valentine...

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Miss Nancy Robinson

My now long gone Auntie Nancy

My ants in her pants Auntie Nance

Her ideas for me set before I was born

She said "I hope he's a devil, a cheeky little devil"

Then always beside me from that day on

Encouraging that little devil to push his cheeky boundaries

Another mother for me alongside her closest sister

Mother to hundreds through her caring ways 

Dedicated carer of Liverp...

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The Royal Free

The Royal Free hums its energetic life

As I sit musing in my garden

A background drone always there

As the hospital is always open for care

It's summer so the trees mask its physical presence 

Just the joined up sound of health and excellence

We moved here with two small boys

And thought being near The Free might be handy

Energetic boys in an energetic city

Who knows the...

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Why does this world try to make me insane?
So much hate, to much anger and pain.

How can this world possibly heal?
When we don't even care how our fellow humans feel.

All these campaigns to stop smoking and drinking,
Why not campaign to stop hurting , start thinking.

Inside this huge universe we share such a small world,
Please human beings, stand up, be bold.

Smile at strangers an...

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She’s the one we could rely on

when things were sorely scarce,

to always find a way to get by

when it went from bad to worse.


She’s the one true matriarch,

the gel at the center of all,

never too far away from us;

never more than a call.


Sacrificing all she had,

for us, her flesh and blood,

always standing second place

to the family’s common good.



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Spring Tanka

A winter bite that

mocks the spring, pincers its cocoon.

A life supported?

Cease one's internal decay,

Even ice melts. Love's fluidity.

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