Miss Nancy Robinson

My now long gone Auntie Nancy

My ants in her pants Auntie Nance

Her ideas for me set before I was born

She said "I hope he's a devil, a cheeky little devil"

Then always beside me from that day on

Encouraging that little devil to push his cheeky boundaries

Another mother for me alongside her closest sister

Mother to hundreds through her caring ways 

Dedicated carer of Liverpool's lost children

They were her life, they were her all

Bottomless love for those most needy

So many lives that she made safe

So many souls that she helped fly

For me too, endless attention, endless love 

Love filled days of endless fun 

Long happy days of learning and mischief

Kept on my toes with a twinkled smile

Taken for granted always by me

Only realised when finally not there

But someone that important is never forgotten 

I had you so close for those 21 years

Not nearly enough how I now realise

But enough to keep me safe across all those days

And a boost in life, like a lifting wave

To set me straight, set me on my way

You led by example how to behave

Quietly encouraging to just be me

Smiling happily to see me run free

Your picture sits now on my bedside table 

Watching over me as you were always able

My memories of you will last me my lifetime 

Never gone from me, always there for me, my Auntie Nancy


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