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Writer’s Block Strikes Again

Gather jumbled up thoughts
jot down some words
numerous adjectives,
superlatives, and delicious nouns


Describe the scene
that can explain
it is certainly this
but it could be better


Conjure up a lost love
hint at a depth of longing,
fulfillment, and regret
but give yourself some credit


Leave readers with faith,
love eventually wins
love yourself enough to see

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writers blockwritingpoetry

Drowning in the Drought

Drowning in the Drought


At times I drip with poetry

The words simply pour out of me

A flow it seems no dam could ever stop


Until, I’m drowning in the drought

A flood of tears and mere self-doubt

That withers, in the barn, my finest crop.



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droughtfloodpoempoetrywriters block

Dear Muse

Hide away 
if you must. 

I don't understand 
what prompts you 
to surface anyway. 

I will do like I always do,
show up on the page,
stumble through what 
I was put on earth to do,
share my truth.

I know even though you 
fly away again and again 
to do whatever muses do, 

you will come back, 
when I least expect
and light up my soul
with your beautiful words, 
like you alwa...

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destinyfateghostsjourneylovemusemusesnamastepoetrypromptssoulstarcrossedthe universewriters block

Idle Hands.

I don't think you understand the the severity of my depression.
If you did you'd know it justifies my smoking sessions.
I don't do it to get "lit" or to have a good fucking time,
I do it cause I can't sleep unless I'm really fucking high.
My brain it eats at me and won't let me breathe.
The destruction and misery that's inside of me.
It keeps me awake and when they ask I just fake
a smile u...

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Trying something newbare with mewriters block

My Muse

You have come to visit me. 
Welcome. I have missed you. 
I often see you hiding behind the laundry, 
patiently waiting until the neverending chores are done. 
Then, when I finally sit down to talk, 
you disappear like an unwritten dream, 
leaving me speechless. 

Today, for the moment, 
you are here 
and I have so much to say. 
Won't you stay 
and be my friend?

My Muse Replies:

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Musewritinghabitswriters blockwriting lifeblank pagejust write

Writing Prompts

Stare at a blank page or screen until you feel an overwhelming compulsion to fill it with letters. If you are thinking about something, write it down. You once said you spend too much time ruminating. What about? While crying, you once said everyone hated you. What do you think makes you so unpleasant? You’ve had more than a handful of lovers. How did you attract them? You’ve had more...

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writing promptswriters block


The moon comes 
but nothing is all I got. 
The trees refuse to speak 
and the breeze 
no longer heals my pain
like rain 
the words would fall 
but now nothing, 
nothing at all, 
blank pages appall.
I look inside,
a grey brick wall 
and I wonder
how it got so tall.


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writers block

The Devil On My Right Shoulder

The Devil On My Right Shoulder


it might be snowing outside

if I could be bothered

a girl with red lipstick

could be kissing my cheek

the sky could be filled

with ants on the wing

silver fish

darting in foam

at the foot of a black mountain

we could be counting stars

riding a Ferris wheel

licking sweat

from thighs of gold

the days could last

for week...

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writers blockfeeling downprocrastinationlack of imaginationwasting time


I'd love to write a poem

at least to make a start,

but I havn't had a tragedy

nor yet a broken heart.

Politics is much too rough

and flowers much too common.


I need a topic to muse upon

to get the readers enthusing on,

some great mythical event

might prove to be from heaven sent

or a seaside view with developments due

or would that be too solemn?



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writers block

The Poetess

The Poetess

It was the twelfth
Of the twelfth
11 days ago
She searched for
10 different ways
To say the same thing
Wrote 9 down
Pondered on 8
Chose the best 7
At 6 she thought she was complete
Then decided to use the first 1

In her pursuit to find
The perfect muse
Move away from the vacuous norm
She travelled
Sojourned many less-trodden shores
Met a rainbow of natives

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poetrypoetessbeachwaveswriters block

A Tree In The Elephant's Graveyard

A Tree In The Elephant’s Graveyard

It began with a pen
and paper,
beneath a tree.
Carried here
upon a rat
to rest awhile.

The paper was white
and stared at me
The pen hovered,
dripping ink
like tears.

A serpent
coiled itself
around My neck.
I thought of stars
and dreamt
of gouache landscapes.

Still the paper
would not
fuck the pen.
My thoughts
were clear,

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richpixelephantParvatishindu culturemuseGaneshatreedeathmythwriters block

the small matter of a white screen at midnight

the small matter of a white screen at midnight

the mocking cursor blinks upon the screen
and my flagging muse sinks
still unable to find links
and then little englyn winks

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blank screenwriters blockenglyn formovercoming writers block


I carry a notebook most of the time

the idea, it seemed, to record my impressions

of being and living and all the worlds charms

but it was hijacked and now, instead,

lists the timing and clearance of a CBR

alongside the method for removal of a Zetec

rocker arm

I may be reminded of its primary task

as I stare through the glass, at the spiders posting

poison pen letters to...

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writingdistractionwriters block

cleansing the orphanage with fire and prayer

i.(the entrance lobby)

take five, not to tradition, yet die to keep poor, poor kitty strimming
fragmented , as perhaps are, rosebuds that fall in the manner which
sweat tracks roll, dammed, oiled but not waived, by a picture without words

I would be yourself, centred, and shoes should share my nylon net
musk mined in imaginary time and black, yellow, black deep, I thi...

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cut-upwriters blockexperimentationblock




Like a pristine field of snow

you glare back at me and I know

that even with the greatest will

I’ll never get the words to spill

upon your virgin gown.


I want to smudge the ashes of my dreams

upon your frigid, frozen streams

that when the summer sun’s aglow

lap gently with a lazy flow

caressing inspiration from my brow.


My ...

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writers blockfrustrationwinter


Hi everyone and welcome once again to my poetry blog.

 It's been a while since I last posted which I apologise for but it's been a crazy few months.

 I have a new one for you today which is written about a subject we can all sympathise with, the dreaded  writers block. Some say it's a myth some live by it and for others it just happens from time to time. I also apologise in advance to a...

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writers blockblock

A Craving for Writer's Block





I slaver with anticipation
as your taunts fly past
let me grapple you
while your fangs pierce
and vilest venom spreads

numb my soul and mind

let me scream and cringe
agonise upon this page
let blankness reign supreme
slay this potent pen
for all of eternity

make your emptiness pristine

hover around my carcass
you scavenging vultur...

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