Hi everyone and welcome once again to my poetry blog.

 It's been a while since I last posted which I apologise for but it's been a crazy few months.

 I have a new one for you today which is written about a subject we can all sympathise with, the dreaded  writers block. Some say it's a myth some live by it and for others it just happens from time to time. I also apologise in advance to any offended by adult language, it's here, sorry.



Black lines on white sheets

Quiver as I focus

The greatest words in history

Written in my own mind

Dissapear as pen touches


Always the same


The smell of Chai hangs in the air

Lyrics of the greats swirl

Painting images in the minds of others

My aim

to no avail comes


Always the same


Then a flash

A phospherous spark of light

Blinding momentarily then

Pen touches paper

Streams of conciousness scribbled down

A voice narrates, warm, grandiose


Adrenaline surges through veins

Mind races, still focused

A follows B follows C follows D follows E follows F



Fuck it!

Concentration atomised by mocking ringtone

Always the same




blockwriters block

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Matt Tilke

Mon 24th Sep 2012 16:33

Glad you enjoyed it. Couldn't agree more, it's a great feeling.

tony sheridan

Mon 24th Sep 2012 14:55

I like this. It's great when the the words start to rush from brain to pen though.

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