Conceded Reality







Few moments desolate

often get you to think


How the twist of events

push you over the brink


Streaks of fleeting joy

abruptly come to end


Sans even little caution

or time to comprehend


Just split of a moment

it hits one ever so hard


Striking at susceptibility

when entirely off guard


Once past the instance

frenzied turns the mind


Attempts couldn’t avert

what fate had designed


Hard may though seem

but difficult is to believe


A sense of helplessness

 and inability to perceive  


It reminds of inevitability

to which all are exposed


The pre ordained calamity

if deemed can’t be opposed








◄ Hindsight

Veracity recovered ►


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Harry O'Neill

Wed 19th Feb 2014 21:41

I liked the spareness of this.

But should `infallibility` be inevitability?

I think also that `tried` hints at deliberation.

Maybe `met`?

With respect.

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Wed 19th Feb 2014 08:12

Like this, like how it rhymes.

<Deleted User> (11938)

Wed 19th Feb 2014 04:56

Hey there, wonderful piece of writing. You might want to check out Keep writing!

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Mon 17th Feb 2014 13:24

I really like this, a sad and beautiful reflection on human fate. Also, in this case I think that the fact that the lines have exactly the same length adds to the mood of the poem and almost gives it an "unearthly" touch.

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