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In Dock

never heard her weep out loud before

hard to believe she loves me so much

they called her in for this one last time

no kisses allowed or a hint of a touch


lonely years and empty days before that

vision of blue eyes and short red dress,

the night fate put me on the right path

ending years of drift and its futile mess


takes a lot to kill love but I did my best

put that loving girl through the wringer

rarely forgot to take a love for granted

strayed like a bad song without a singer


hurt her in a thousand different ways

snatched each chance to put her down

mocked her dogged efforts to achieve

often left the girl sobbing like a clown


took her on an endless dance, inflicted

upon her soul a plague of fickle moods

why she picked me remains a mystery

she could have had a choice of dudes


still she's got that scar above her eye

she had to put up with a real bad boy

that put his needs first, treating love

like a punch-bag, or mechanical toy


my motor finally ran down, sick lungs

sucked me to a maze of pipes and gas.

she stands there all masked up, crying,

I should have cherished that poor lass






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