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A Descent

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break the surface

as if the humps of huge

sea monster’s.


The fractured earth



a blow hole

let’s sleeping giants breathe.



stand out,

flag-less greens

at the end of invisible

unplayable fairways.


Mud walled communities

marooned in the rough

no-one plays through here.


Irrigation tracks


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Humming bird

Humming bird, buzzing bird

flying high, oh so absurd.

how i wish i flew to see the forming dew

then left another morning new.

there will be room for you.


on the star we'll fly so high

over, under, in the sky.

singing fairies lulabies.

watching rolling tides.


flying slow flying low,

over swaying medows

seeking stars that glow,

then going home.



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Dawn Demure

Dawn Demure

Dawn demurely dooms darkness, dewy December day.

There! The shape of a machine peacefully sleeping.

Slumber banished, RAF pilot strolls to his mount -


Kept warm by his fleece flying jacket,

fine silk shirt and thermal flying suit.

Mission time, Norway bound.

Land of ice and snow, glaciers and fjords, valleys and mountains.

Open the cockp...

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What a Plane Day


What a Plane Day

I came home from work and saw GMP Defender spy plane circling where I live. I heard the turboprops as it did racetrack patterns going into clouds. I also saw a kid's balloon black on grey sky. Did Defender's camera pick it up?


Then I saw a second spy plane! A plastic Diamond DA42 prop plane. Hey, prop jets are more cool. Even crap Defender has them! You two ...

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aircraftflyingmachinesplanes in the sky

Dawn Demure versions


Dawn Demure

Dawn December day.

Machine peacefully sleeps.

Slumber banished.

RAF pilot.


Kept warm, mission time, Norway bound.

Snow, fjords, mountains.

Cockpit, aboard, checks,

rise, feathery clouds.


Fine machine, woman.

Precision engine.

Exquisite cameras, spy on Nazi’s Christmas.

Thousand mile trip, freedom.


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flyingfreedomnorwayrecon spitfire spyplanetirpitz battleship

Natalie. Politico (from my new series of Natalie poems)


Natalie. Politico.

There was trouble in The Argentine. A few of Natalie’s friends spoke out against the military junta who ruled the country. The two girls and one boy, all aged eighteen had simply vanished. Natalie was scared. Roberto warned her not to speak out. The same people who forced him into the army, ending his college studies, had apprehended the teens. Their fate was unknow...

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Lady of the sky, flying so high up into the blue,

all silver, a cloud’s silver lining. Now nothing

but a ghost, image on an old photo, in memories.

My aching dream to resurrect the lady of the skies

and let her exist again. I know I will fail.

I am a mere man. Lady of the sky, where are you now?

Lady of the lake, under fresh water wait...

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