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What a Plane Day


What a Plane Day

I came home from work and saw GMP Defender spy plane circling where I live. I heard the turboprops as it did racetrack patterns going into clouds. I also saw a kid's balloon black on grey sky. Did Defender's camera pick it up?


Then I saw a second spy plane! A plastic Diamond DA42 prop plane. Hey, prop jets are more cool. Even crap Defender has them! You two ...

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I’ve seen the French delta bird up close and what a plane!

Just think of the names it brought forth – Cheetah, Pantera, Kfir, Nesher…

All are delta darts whose claws are thirty millimetre guns

and whose teeth are heat-seeking missiles.

Blooded in combat over the Sinai and the Malvinas in the name of war.

Pilots became both victors and vanquished flying...

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Then… Airplane falling wreathed in fire, ruined

bonfire dragged down by gravity to a watery grave.

Broken machine resting on the seabed, silence

reigns in Deaths’ triumph.


Now… Test Pilot Feng Yi and five of his comrades flying

air tests on red China’s brand new J11 fighter.

Saw many old planes in formation, props and je...

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WAR poem




“Why is he not burning?”

“He will, he will, the air is too thin up here…”

Wing over broken wing, crushing g-forces stopping escape, the enemy pilot

prayed to his god but it was too late, he was already dead.

Sunlight sparkled on the spinning plane a thousand metres below.

Smaller and smaller, hard to see in the death spiral.

Will he cry for his mother...

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