Although I'm super safe harness goggles well wrapped

Ear plugs in windproof attire snug secure no gaps 

Fast heart irregular beat 

Sweaty palms cold feet

Safe yet frightened 

Amplified fears senses.. heightened 

Here goes make way 


Highest cliff 

Beautiful surroundings 

So so high

Have to look down to see the birds fly 

Blinded almost by clouds 

Ears protected yet the wind is loud

Oh I feel sick 

I can not change my mind now

Wild and free earth force riding 

Now I'm a bird I'm paragliding 

Years of fantasising 

I can't believe I'm paragliding 

I'm flying I'm a seagull different from the others 

My wings are much bigger in primary colours 

Almost over..

Ground is closer

Sand by the sea

I think I prefer the Flying Me

Flying from my bedroom is so much fun

Thanks for this VR headset mum!

flyingfreedomParaglidingvertual reality




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