Swing chains squeak
like unoiled screen door hinges

with each push, I get closer
to touching clouds.

Once I’ve achieved maximum
momentum, I prepare to launch

into the stratosphere
everything slows down;

I feel the heaviness of each heartbeat;
the impending weightlessness of my body

I catch a glimpse of the proud smile
decorating your face;

your mouth wording inaudible sounds,
I close my eyes and take flight.

Cool breezes engulf me like a 50-degree inferno;
an aerodynamic adolescent worthy of a comic book cover.

Once comfortable soaring, I open my eyes
my face is about to Double Dare a tree;

I wake up and my nose starts bleeding.


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ZTK Space

Fri 24th Apr 2020 08:32

I have now read two of your works.

You are a poet and a seasoned one.

Great writing. Glad you're here. although a selfish comment to make,
I feel my own works has found a kindred home and will sit well with other works such as your own.

This one speaks of pain, the obvious quest for transcendence to a higher plain..............only to have some bugga piss on your bonfire.

great works Abruvanamedsly.

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Mon 20th Apr 2020 23:58

Appreciate you both for taking the time to read my words...ONE::

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Abdul Ahmad

Mon 20th Apr 2020 10:04


"with each push, I get closer to touching the sky" is a gorgeous line and reflects life's ambitions.

Enjoyed this work enormously.

Looking forward to reading more poems from you.


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Mon 20th Apr 2020 06:52

Great piece of poetry.

An OBE of epic proportions.

Great to see you here.

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